The Integrative Studies minor is offers students majoring in other fields the opportunity to supplement their preparation in a major discipline with a substantial amount of course work in integrative studies. This minor is valuable for those students who like to acquire multiple perspectives, interdisciplinary and intercultural forms of learning.

A minor in this area can assist those students who wish to find employment opportunities in law, business, education, public administration, policy studies or international studies. 

Minor Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. In addition, students must:

  • have earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • complete at least one course at the upper-division level
  • submit transfer courses to the advisor for the minor for approval by the first week of the term of intended graduation. 

Path A - 18 Hours

I.  Required Courses (3 Hours)

Students must take

INST 3100/SOSC 3150 Approaches and Interconnections: Scientific Research and Knowledge Production (3)

II.  Selective Courses I (15 Hours)

Students need to select one course from each of the five areas:

Area I: Humanities (3 Hours)

INST 3110/ENGL 3105 Writing, Information and Technology Across the Disciplines (3)

INST 3500/ENGL 4483 Literature of the Environment (3)

INST 4000 Special Topics (3)

INST 4110/ART 5505 World of Arts (3)

Area II: Social Sciences (3 Hours)

INST 3200/ANTH 3200 Humanity and Human Dynamics: A Comparative Study (3)

INST 3600 Examining the Barriers: Studies in Race, Class and Gender (3)

INST 4000 Special Topics (3)

INST 4300/SOSC 4300 Global Political Transformation and Economic Integration (3)

Area III: Sciences (3 Hours)

INST 3110/BIOL 3116 Perspectives on the Physical and Natural Sciences (3)

INST 3650/BIOL 3118 Environmental Studies: A Case Studies Approach (3)

INST 4000 Special Topics (3)

Area IV: Research (3 Hours)

INST 3330/SOSC 4510 The Measure of Knowledge: Quantitative Research Methods (3)

INST 4000 Special Topics (3)

INST 4100/CPSC 3112 Computer-Assisted Applications for Problem Solving (3)

INST 5103/BIOL 5516 Integrative Studies: Tropical Biology (3)

Area V: Technology (3 Hours)

INST 3400/CPSC 3110 New Technology and Us (3)

INST 4200 Communication Technology and Culture (3)

INST 4450 Computer Languages for Business Programming (3)

Total - 18 Hours

Path B - 18 Hours 

I.  Required Courses (3 Hours)

Students must take:

INST 3100/SOSC 3150 Approaches and Interconnections: Scientific Research and Knowledge Production (3)

II.  Selective Courses (9 Hours Minimum)

This selective is designed for students to focus in the area of foreign languages and cultures. Students must take at least nine hours from Area VI below and six hours from areas I to VI.

Area VI: Languages and Cultures

Select 9 hours from one language area:

SPAN 3250 Spanish Language and Culture I (3)

SPAN 3251 Spanish Language and Culture II (3)

SPAN 4250 Spanish Language and Culture III (3)

SPAN 4251 Spanish Language, Culture and Literary Studies (3)

JAPN 3350 Japanese Language and Culture I (3)

JAPN 3351 Japanese Language and Culture II (3)

JAPN 4350 Japanese Language and Culture III (3)

ICS 3400 Chinese Language and Culture I (3)

ICS 3401 Chinese Language and Culture II (3)

ICS 4400 Chinese Language and Culture III (3)

III.  Total - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Lisa Helm
Administrative Coordinator