Projected job growth (for social scientists) varies by specialty; for example, anthropologists and archaeologists can expect 28 percent employment growth; geographers, 26 percent; and historians, 11 percent.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition 

Discovering the World

The study of Social Sciences provides a comprehensive analytical perspective for understanding human social interaction and social dynamics. At Governors State University, as a student majoring in Social Sciences you are exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum of courses in anthropology/sociology, applied economics, history and political science. Emphasis is given to the common interdisciplinary pursuit of critical thinking as it applies to the analysis of social problems. Special attention is also given to the study of cultural similarities and differences that define the human experience. 

Outstanding Preparation

Pursuing a Social Sciences degree prepares you for a variety of administrative responsibilities in the private and public sectors in business, social services and government. You also receive a solid foundation for graduate work in a variety of fields including law, urban planning, social work, public health, human services administration, political science, public policy and sociology.

Program Fact Sheet

Required Preparation

Applicants must meet the university admissions requirements. For a listing of recommended coursework, please see GSU transfer guides.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a bachelor's degree. 

I.     General Education Requirement (37-41 Hours)

See front of the GSU catalog for general education requirements. 

II.    Required Courses (39 Hours)

A.  American Studies Core (12 Hours)

HIST 3100 U.S. Economic History (3) *

HIST 4160 Issues in Modern U.S. History (3)

POLS  2100 Foundations of U.S. Democracy (3) *

SOC 3100 Studies in American Society (3)*

* May be substituted with a lower-division course. 

B.  Global Studies Core (15 Hours)

ANTH 3100 Trends in Cross-Cultural Analysis (3)

GEOG 4470 Human Geography (3)

HIST 4675 World History: Concepts & Interp. (3)

POLS 3110 Transformation of the Global System (3)

SOSC 3250 International Political Economy (3) 

C.  Foundations and Research Core (9 Hours)

SOSC 4110 Foundations in Social Sciences (3)

SOSC 4200 Methods and Skills in Cross-Cultural Understanding (3)

SOSC 4500 Research Methods in the SOSC (3) 

D. Capstone Core (3 Hours)

SOSC 4900 Senior Seminar (3) 

Note: Several courses in the program have been developed for delivery on the Internet.

III.  Career Selectives (24 Hours)

Students, with the assistance of their advisor, will select an additional 24 hours of courses in the social sciences, policy studies, language or a relevant field, with the degree of generalization and specialization that best suits their personal and professional goals.

The following courses are suggestive of what may be used:

ANTH 3501 Beliefs and Believers (3)

ANTH 4100 Urban Anthropology (3)

ANTH 4600 Anthropology in Film (3)

HIST 4100 Beyond the Dream: (3)

HIST 4115 Modern African History (3)

HIST 4200 American Urban History (3)

HIST 4300 Modern Middle Eastern History (3)

HIST 4340 Modern Chinese History (3)

HIST 4400 Black Experience in the U.S. (3)

HIST 4420 Caribbean History (3)

HIST 4440 History of Civil Rights (3)

HIST 4470 Latin American History (3)

HIST 4500 Women in American History (3)

HIST 4670 Russia in the Twentieth Century (3)

ICS 3400  Chinese Language and Culture I (3)

ICS 4610  Introduction to Gender Studies (3)

ICS 4620  African Politics (3)

ICS 4630  Hispanic Experience in the U.S. (3)

ICS 4650  Latin America: Culture and Society (3)

INST 3600 Examining the Barriers: (3)

JAPN 3350 Japanese Language and Culture I (3)

POLS 3600 International Organization (3)

POLS 4400 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties (3)

POLS 4401 Political Econ. of Urban Development (3) 

POLS 4480 Politics of Latin America (3)

SOC 4250 Community Organization (3)

SOC 4500 Sociology of Health (3)

SOSC 2100 Survey of Social Science (3)

SOSC 4101 Cultures of Labor in the Modern World (3)

SOSC 4305 Urban Studies: Introduction to the City (3) 

SOSC 4410 Ethnicity, Culture and Politics (3)

SOSC 4575 Women and Social Action (3)

SOSC 4600 Social Movements (3)

SPAN 3250 Spanish Language and Culture I (3)

Note: Several courses are available via the Internet.

IV.  Electives (20 Hours) 

V.  Total - 120 Hours

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the university requirements for a master's degree found at in the GSU Catalog. Please meet with your faculty advisor during the first semester to complete your study plan.

Advisor Information

Ellen Walsh (A-G)
Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Johnson (H-M)
Associate Professor

Donald Culverson (N-Z)
Associate Professor