Special Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the University requirements for admission, applicants must have completed the following courses or their equivalent:

  • HLAD 3101 Introduction to Health Management Strategies  (3)
  • HLAD 3105 Health Care Organization (3) 

Certificate Requirements

  • HLAD 4106 Management Accounting for Health Care Organizations (3)
  • HLAD 4107 Human Resource Management (3)
  • HLAD 5101 Introduction to Long-Term Care (3)
  • HLAD 5102 Nursing Home Administration (3)

Total: 12 Hours

To receive the Long-Term Care Administration Certificate, students must complete each course with a grade of "C" or better and submit the petition for completion to their Academic Advisor, Pam Stipanich, pstipanich@govst.edu.

 *Note: The Certificate in Long-Term Care Administration is NOT an online program.

Certificate in Long-Term Care Administration Fact Sheet