The following are most Frequently Asked Questions. Should you need additional assistance, contact Dr. Ann Vendrely via email at


  • Q: What is the deadline for applications to the program?


    A: Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. It can take up to three weeks to review and process applications, so we recommend that you submit the application about one month BEFORE you plan to take your first course. Your application is submitted to the advisor, Ann Vendrely, PT, DPT, Ed.D., in the PT department for review and processing. You should hear in two or three weeks if you meet the criteria and can be admitted.

  • Q: When can I start the program?


    A: Applications are accepted year-round and the first course in the program is offered every term. Once you are admitted, you can take PHYT820: Clinical Decision Making I at the start of the Fall semester (generally late August), or at the start of the Winter semester (January) or during the Spring/Summer session.

  • Q: How long is each course?


    A:  Most courses are taught online, using GSU’s block system of 7 ½ weeks per course.  This means that a three-credit-hour course covers about six hours a week in material.  It is fast-paced learning.  Some of the electives and other courses taught outside of the Physical Therapy Department may use the full 15-week schedule.

  • Q: How long does the program take to complete?


    A: Each student can progress as quickly or slowly as they wish. After the first course is taken, the other courses can be taken in any order with breaks between courses as needed. The courses are offered on a regular schedule, so that a Master’s-trained physical therapist could complete the 33 credit hours for the program, taking three courses per semester in a total of three semesters and one summer session (16 months). A bachelor’s-trained therapist could complete the required 42 credit hours, taking three courses in four semesters and one summer session (20 months). A maximum of four courses per term could be taken, but many students will find that two courses per term are more manageable while working.

  • Q: How much of the course work is offered online and how much is on campus?


    A: The majority of the courses are offered as completely online instruction. One exception is PHYT830: Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy because it includes the American Physical Therapy Association’s Clinical Instructor credentialing program which requires 15 hours on campus. This on-campus portion usually will be offered on a consecutive Friday and Saturday.
    Currently the required course, HLSC840: Responsible Conduct of Research, is offered on campus and online, requiring three on-campus evening sessions during the semester.

    Some electives offered outside the Physical Therapy Department may be offered only in one format (online or on-campus) and you should talk to your advisor about those courses.

  • Q: What is the tuition for this program?


    A: Currently both in-state and out-of-state students pay the same tuition of $472/credit hour plus fees for online courses. There are extra costs associated with on-campus courses and the APTA workshop included in PHYT7830.