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Thank you for visiting GSU Foundation’s website.  If you are an alum, friend, and/or organizational partner, welcome back; if this is your first time visiting, welcome, enjoy your virtual tour, but please come and visit us in person soon.  As you will discover on the Foundation and Alumni website, we are successful, thriving, and growing because of our Alumni, Friends, and Organizational partners are vested in GSU. Our current and future success is supported by our previously named constituents who advocate for GSU personally, within their organizations, within their networks, and provide us constructive feedback for continuous improvement.

I’m often asked, “What is it I want for the University?”
It is a simple answer for me though it contains many layers. I want students to have a high quality and accessible education while introducing them to corporations and organizations that may employ them in the future. Here is a snap shot of what this facilitation looks like:

This snapshot a glimpse into the many opportunities for you to engage GSU. Every day we strive to be a great university where we serve as a global leaders’ incubator which continues to generate big ideals.  Those who have invested in GSU or are considering investing will find their return on investment is IMPACT.  Investments made at GSU reap profound results in the lives of our students and community. You can make an investment in GSU and then come to campus and see your investment in action. You can make an investment in GSU and witness the impact through one of our 40,000 plus alums within Chicagoland or the other 10,000 plus scatter across the U.S. and the globe.    

•  Assist academic performing students with scholarships to ease their student debt;
•  Assist those who traditionally have neither had the opportunity to attend college nor thought it was    possible to do so, achieving their academic potential;
•  Provide resources to academic programming that prepares students with a high quality educational experience and prepares them for careers (either as employees or entrepreneurs);
•  Provide facilities for faculty, students, and community, creating an environment that fosters learning, debate, exposure to the arts, and scholarly activities;
•  Provide a venue to engage business and organizational leaders in their areas of profession to dialogue on current and future trends so our students are prepared for what the employer and market demands of them when they graduate;
•  To energize our Alumni to advocate for GSU, engage the University personally, through their employer, dialogue with our students and/or provide mentorship, and financially invest in the University and future students;
•  Enhance GSU’s corporate and organizational relationships to foster partnerships where they provide advisors, recruiters, shared interest, investments, and advocates for the uplifting of GSU;
•  Clearly match donors’ interest with GSU opportunities to build financial means for today's and tomorrow’s students to have an education that will provide them with the building blocks for their careers and civic engagement.

Please reach out to my office so we can speak more specifically in what your interest are and how we can partner for the betterment of our students, community, region, and organizations.  I look forward to the dialogue.   


William “Will” Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Governors State University Foundation

FY2013 Highlights

  • Scholarships administered by the GSU Foundation are just one way we assist GSU in meeting its goals of excellence in education. Students received approximately $91,000 via in-house scholarships during FY13, reflecting a 24% increase over the previous year. We expect to award approximately $100,000 to deserving students in FY2014.
  • FY13 audited statements confirm year-to-year trends which have demonstrated significant increases in GSU Foundation support to university programs over the past ___ years. In fact, we’re proud to say final statements for 2013 reflected an 185% increase in contributions to the educational mission of GSU over 2012.
  • We couldn’t increase our giving without increasing our income. Audited financials reflect fundraising totals for 2013 of $1.09M compared FY12’s approximately $509K. This represents an increase of approximately 116%.

Impact of your contributions

More information coming soon.


Mission Statement

The Governors State University Foundation was established in 1969 as the University's primary fundraising division.  Officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, the GSU Foundation fosters relationships with philanthropic individuals, GSU Alumni, and numerous corporate and foundation partners on behalf of the University.

Contributions received by the GSU Foundation support academic programs, scholarships for students, faculty development and research, capital improvements to the campus, library acquisitions, technology enhancements, and other special initiatives. 

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