The GSU Food Pantry, established by the Student Senate in collaboration with the Wellness Club, assists GSU students who are experiencing food insecurities.

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The Food Pantry has expanded beyond providing just food, it also supplies personal care items (toothbrushes, razors, soap, etc.) as well as supplies for toddlers and infants (bottles, formula, diapers, etc.) to the student population.


The Pantry is open every Tuesday from 12pm-5pm. The student clubs and organizations along with faculty and staff support CECSC's efforts to maintain an optimal level of food and supplies. Throughout the year we offer various incentives to create engaged food drives for the Food Pantry. 

Students are able to volunteer in the food pantry through the Community Service Council.  For more information on volunteering and/or making donations, please stop by A2130 or contact Ricca Louissaint in the CECSC at (708) 235-7454 or email   


  • Food Pantry Volunteers


    If you are interested in volunteering at the food pantry please contact the Civic Engagement and Community Service Center at or at (708)-235-7454.