The Counseling Center of the Academic Resource Center at Governors State University has a staff of experienced professionals who provide a variety of counseling services for undergraduate and graduate students. The counselors support and adhere to the professional, ethical and legal standards as described by the American Psychological Association, as well as other professional organizations. Our mission is to contribute to the overall quality of campus life for students and to support the academic endeavors of our students.

  • How we can help you?


    While students are here to achieve academic goals, they also have personal, social and vocational activities that need their time and energy. These other aspects of life can influence the student's ability to stay focused and motivated, as they pursue their educational goals. Students often seek counseling due to increased levels of stress. Some common stresses include pressure from academic courses, difficulties in relationships with children or significant others, health concerns and other situations that occur in life.

    The counselors facilitate academic progress and help students to achieve their personal and career goals. A counseling relationship allows students to confidentially discuss their personal thoughts and feelings in order to improve problematic life situations and enhance personal potential.

  • How do you make an appointment?


    The Counseling Center is located in the Academic Resource Center, B1215.
    Office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 7 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm

    For personal counseling, contact:

    Katherine Helm, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


  • Counseling for Community Members


    Free counseling is available for those who are not currently enrolled GSU students through the University Counseling Lab. For more information, call 708.534.4545 or click here.