SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society Induction Ceremony - May 2015


Salute 1paracord

Salute3 From left to right: GSU Provost Deborah Bordelon, Illinois State Representative Al Riley, GSU Veterans Coordinator Kevin Smith, Illinois State Senator Michael Hastings, and GSU President Elaine Mamon.


Pre-ceremony in Engbretson Hall

Paracord Activity Table in the Hall of Governors - September 11, 2015


pcord1 Navy Veteran and GSU Masters student Christina Bilyk demonstrates the proper way to make a paracord braclet.

pcord2 Cords and letters for our military men and women!

pcord3 Student volunteers and workers with GSU's Veteran Coordinator.



September 11 Remembrance at GSU's Main Entrance - September 11, 2015


911-1 Army Reservist Philip Ong and Navy Veteran Christina Bilyk presenting colors.