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• Unique and diverse non-credited courses
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• Designed for retired and semi-retired learners
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• Encouraging shared learning and the free
   exchange of opinions and ideas

$73 for the first class
$28 for an additional course

Classes held at Governors State University
1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60484

Lunch break between classes serves as a great time to enjoy lunch with other Knowledge Exchange students, continue the classroom discussion, share ideas and participate in Lunch and Learn lectures when offered. The GSU Café is open, seating available.

The Knowledge Exchange invites you to join in this fall’s engaging set of course offerings.  Sessions are held on Fridays for eight weeks beginning September 19 and ending on November 7, mornings and afternoons.



Questions? Contact Suzanne Patterson or 708.534.4393.

  • Morning Session 10am-12pm


    Morning sessions (10 a.m.-noon)


    Sculpture in History

    Class Leader: Geoff Bates

    This eight-week presentation will address major developments in the history of Western sculpture while providing participants with observational techniques to enrich their appreciation of sculpture and art in general. Students can try out their newly found skills by traveling with the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park on its Autumn in New England: Art Odyssey 2014. Travelers on this weeklong tour through the Berkshire Mountains and Hudson River Valley will experience remarkable art set within dramatic landscape settings as well as cutting-edge museum sites.

    Trip dates are Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2014; discounts are available to enrollees in Sculpture in History through The Knowledge Exchange. Travel registration deadline is August 8, 2014. Contact Geoffrey Bates at 708.534.4848 or to reserve your travel or for more information about this exciting opportunity.

    NOTE: Alternate programming on Oct. 31st for non-traveling participants will be a screening and discussion of the documentary film Rivers and Tides which celebrates the works of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy.

    New Fall Lecture/Discussion Series

    Civic Engagement: Sustaining the Public Square

    Class Administrators: Keith Kemp, Suzanne Patterson

    Join this class for a unique series of lectures and presentations which will explore major issues of the day as they relate to sustaining our individual roles in community life. Guest speakers include Professor Anthony Andrews on Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Journalist Phil Kadner on The 4th Estate, Dr. Mort Maimon on Analyzing Presidential Speeches, Keith Kemp on The First Amendment, GSU’s VISTA scholar Rima Nimri on Service Learning in the 21st Century Diagram and Dr. Rashidah Muhammad and Dr. Elizabeth Johnson on The Harlem Renaissance with an option to attend a performance of Raisin’ Cane at GSU’s Center for Performing Arts on Friday, October 17 at the discounted ticket price of $15. Performance details will be given upon registration.

    NOTE: Nov. 7 is Class Participation Day / Participants are encouraged to present a topic of their choice with assistance from the class administrators.



  • Afternoon Session 1-3pm


    Afternoon Sessions (1 – 3 p.m.)

    Topics in Science

    Class Leaders: Jeff Seeman and Al Sturges

    Class will read and discuss articles from The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2013, Siddhartha Mukherjee, editor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co., NY, Boston 2013.
    Editor Siddhartha Mukherjee, a geneticist, selected the articles with “an ear for tenderness” from such periodicals as The Atlantic, Virginia Quarterly Review, The New Yorker, Playboy, and Scientific American with topics ranging from mankind’s increasing isolation from raw nature, developing employment possibilities for adults with autism, renewed interest and success in treating certain cancers by engaging the body’s immune system, to the funding crisis in big science. In the opening class, we will provide an opportunity to discuss updated information about topics from previous sessions such as developments at Fukushima or concussion injuries in sports.
    As before, participants are encouraged to lead a review and discussion of articles of special interest.

    Cinema Studies: The Biopic - Fact vs Fantasy

    Class Leader: Suzanne Patterson

    Both filmmakers and audiences alike share a fascination with recreations of the past exploring those who came before us, whether vilified or admired, whether inspirational or tragic. The Biopic seeks to satisfy this curiosity with films that celebrate lives and achievements in as entertaining a way as possible, hence the fine line between biographical material and fanciful fabrication. Join this class for an equally entertaining and historical look at the various ways in which the biopic captures the spirit of its subject whether with accuracy or dramatic impact.
    Some of the fascinating personalities we will meet on celluloid include Coco Chanel, Varian Fry, Serafine de Senlis, Preston Tucker, Frida Kahlo and Queen Elizabeth I.

    (Note class end time of 3:30pm)

  • Free: Lunch and Learn Special Presentations


    FREE: ‘Lunch and Learn’ Special Presentations

    Open to all course participants; bring a lunch and join these enlightening and informational sessions:

    Organizing and Downsizing with Professional Organizer and Relocation Specialist Kristine Todd

    Friday, October 3 / 12:15pm-1pm / Room B2203

    At the Border of Empires:The Tohono O'odham, Gender, and Assimilation, 1880-1934

    with author Andrae Marak, chair of humanities and social sciences and professor of history and political science at Governors State University
    Friday, October 24 / 12:15pm-1pm / Room B2203

    Curriculum Meeting – Open to the public

    A sneak peek at what’s coming up in the winter/spring 2015 session. All are welcome to offer comments and suggestions for future course topics and presentations.
    Friday, Oct. 10 / 12:15pm-1pm / Room B2203