The Civic Engagement & Community Service Center is designed to be a one-stop-shop for students, faculty and community members focusing on social justice and civic responsibility. Students interested in service opportunities, faculty interested in incorporating service and civic engagement activities in their classes, and community partners interested in recruiting volunteers, will be able to bridge resources through this area.

GSU serves a comparatively economically challenged area, the Chicago Southland region. Thus, the mission of the university, in part, is to promote the social and economic development of its service region. CECSC will provide a catalyst to enhance our offerings in the community working with students, faculty and community stakeholders through collaboration and involvement. Through our work with Illinois Campus Compact, AmeriCorps, American Democracy Project, our community partners, an array of academic programs and community outreach efforts, we believe the Civic Engagement & Community Service Center will continue to be a beacon for the community.

We are excited for our students to participate in community service and develop meaningful relationships with  community partners.   Our goal is to create responsible citizens and develop leaders who will impart big ideas on a local and national level.  Infusing civic engagement throughout the curriculum and making it pervasive rather than peripheral will allow civic action to fully integrate into the life and work of the campus.




The Jaguar Connection

The Jaguar Connection is a long-awaited tool that features student clubs, organizations, and events.

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Civic Engagement Blog

Check out the Civic Engagement and Community Service Center's Blog for updates on their many programs and events.

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