The University Sustainable Garden Project at Governors State University (GSU) is a community initiative dedicated to harvesting healthy futures for youth and families in the southland area.

As a Let's Move Community Partner, Governors State University initiated this project to empower individuals and families to make healthy choices, build a sense of community, and to provide a space to grow a custom-designed garden.

  • Plot Information


    The University Sustainable Garden at Governors State University features 52 garden plots and is located on the southeast side of The Family Development Center. Ten plots are designated for GSU students to sustain a Student Food Pantry, to The Family Development Center to educate our youth on how to grow their own food, and to The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) for a raised garden that is fully accessible.

    The gardens will be open from dawn to dusk, May - October. The planting deadline is June 15. Gardens left unplanted on July 1 will be cleared and made available for reassignment to current gardeners for fall planting only. They will then be open for new gardeners in the following season.

    Governor State University' facilities staff will oversee the seasonal operation of the garden and rototill all of the plots after October 31st on an annual basis.

    Click here for a complete list of rules and gardening practices >>

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  • Plot Rental


    To be eligible for a garden plot, all agreements and fees are required at time of application. Garden Plots are available on a first come/first served basis. Gardeners are limited to one plot until May 15; if plots remain after that time, additional plots may be rented by existing gardeners. All plots should be fully planted by July 1.

  • Plot Cost and Fees


    • Starter - 3.5’x10’ (35ft2) = $10
    • Single - 10’x10’ (100ft2) = $20
    • Double - 20’x20’ (400ft2) = $40

  • Payment Deadline


    At the time of signup and before May 1, 2014