A Message from President Elaine P. Maimon

 Big ideas — that’s what life is all about at Governors State University. Students, faculty and staff have the energy to solve big problems and to find even bigger opportunities. It is a privilege to lead this learning community.

Innovative thinking is a tradition at GSU. The university was founded in 1969, at that pivotal moment when our country was daring to ride big ideas all the way to the moon. Take a look at our logo with its reference to the moon shot.

Let me share with you some of the big ideas that will shape your experience at GSU:

We welcomed our first freshman class this fall - but not just any freshman class. Our freshmen are diverse; 82% are Pell Eligible; and 8% are enrolled in GSU's highly selective Honors Program. Students have opportunities to connect their courses through one of three overarching academic themes - Civic Engagement, Global Citizenship or Sustainability. Students experience writing across the curriculum and other strategies that make course work come alive:  ethics, citizenship, innovative thinking.  Classes are small - no more than 30 students in all classes except composition sections, which are limited to 15-18 students.  Every freshman class is taught by a full-time faculty member to ensure that students have a strong foundation for their studies. This special first-year experience provides values-based education and help in the wise choice of a major.

Many of our freshmen live in Prairie Place, our first student residence facility.  Transfer, graduate, and international students also live there. We are particularly proud that three full-time faculty members reside in this living/learning community.  They are responsible for making sure that those midnight conversations about the meaning of life really do occur.

GSU students are now learning in one of the region's most modern and advanced university science environments. We're proud of our 60,000 square feet of redesigned and renovated classrooms and labs. Students and faculty working together explore big ideas in biology, chemistry, computer science and health. We have also renovated our University Library and computer lab.  We welcome students to The Cube (Computer Connection Central), located within the library, a large, serene, beautiful space to read, study and conduct research. 

We are constantly developing innovative ways to make a college education accessible and affordable. Experienced advisers help students make good decisions and access financial aid.

Our award-winning Dual Degree Program makes a bachelor's degree accessible for students beginning their education at a community college. On completion of their first two years, students move seamlessly to GSU. They come to us with a tuition guarantee that begins when they are accepted in the program, along with guidance from our counselors every step of the way.

At GSU, students from all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities meet in what I call the public square. We all learn from each other and share the context from which we view the world.

I hope you'll accept my invitation to come and visit us. You will find wise counselors and talented faculty waiting to help you reach your goals, turn your dreams into reality and explore big ideas.