The College of Business & Public Administration offers undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare you for careers in business, government and industry. We provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies you need to assume positions of leadership.

Our degree programs prepare you for big things ahead by providing you with research and experiential opportunities. You will tackle both theoretical learning and practical, hands-on application through individual and group projects. Our programs are accredited by the appropriate professional associations. 

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Undergraduate Programs
     Accelerated Professional Accounting Program (B.S./M.S.)
     Accounting (B.S.)
     Business Administration (B.A.)
     Business and Applied Science (B.A.)
     Economics (B.A.)
     Economics (B.S.)
     Entrepreneurship (B.A.)
     Manufacturing Management (B.A.)

Minors in Business

Graduate Programs
    Accounting (M.S.)
    Business Administration (MBA)
    Online MBA in Supply Chain Management
    Management Information Systems (M.S.)
    Public Administration (MPA)