It's a fact: Our nation is getting older. More than one in every eight Americans (12.6 percent of the population) is 65 years of age or older. As the population ages, the need for high-quality, long-term care is growing as well. So, too, is the need for professionals who are well-trained in the business and administrative aspects of providing residential care for older adults and the chronically ill.

By enrolling in the Gerontology—Long-Term Care Track for the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) in Community Health degree program, you will gain the leadership, critical thinking skills and understanding of business theory required to manage nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices, retirement communities and other institutions.

You’ll also receive the preparation you need to deal with evolving, integrated healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations and an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Quality Education

After completing a 24-credit core curriculum (including coursework in community health, statistics, medical sociology, health planning/research, and ethical principles, among other topics), you will take courses more specifically focused on health care management strategies, institutional management and organizational behavior.

At the program’s completion, you will be able to evaluate the process and outcome of long-term care programs, as well as articulate the ethical and legal principles affecting long-term healthcare.

You will also be able to identify, analyze and interpret factors influencing an individual’s health status through a strong grounding in social and behavioral theory. Graduates of this program also demonstrate competency in working with diverse cultures and communities—a cornerstone of all programs offered by the College of Health and Human Services.

Prepared for Your Next Move

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health—Long-Term Care, you’ll have the educational credentials you need to apply for your Master’s degree in Health Administration, should you so choose, and then move into higher levels of healthcare administration.

For complete Curriculum information regarding the Gerontology — Long-Term Care Track, visit the GSU Catalog.  

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