ALCI Mission Statement:

The American Language and Culture Institute is designed to serve the needs of international and U.S. students that have an interest in improving their English language skills. Our primary focus is with the academic success of international and U.S. students whose first language is other than English. The Institute maintains an Intensive English Program and collaborates with the Office of International Services to create co-curricular activities for interested students. The ALCI provides summer programs for international faculty who are interested in improving their English and learning about American university pedagogy and research practices.

The ALCI works with the Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Center to create programming for faculty interested in improving their pedagogy in relation to English Language Learners.

The ALCI also coordinates with The Knowledge Exchange as well as other community organizations to provide English assistance for retired community members.

ALCI’s Core Values:


We are dedicated to top quality in everything we do.
Provide the student population with effective language instruction and learning facilitation
Maintain top quality faculty and staff
Improve upon work by means of continual reflection and evaluation
Foster professional cooperation and collaboration


We are dedicated to providing innovative programming and services offering cutting edge teaching, curriculum design, and research.


We are dedicated to providing support and resources to all students, faculty, and the community to enhance individual growth and global understanding.
Provide skills, information, and knowledge that enable others to communicate in English and support faculty in their professional development.

GSU International Student Undergraduate Application Informational Flyer