Peer mentoring within the Dual Degree Program will help ease students' transition from community college to university life. DDP Peer Mentors will be experienced DDP students selected from Governors State University and partner community college campuses who will help newer DDP students adjust to the demands of higher education while building a social network. Students will participate in fun social activities, specialized workshops, and community service.

Introducing the 2015-2016 DDP Peer Mentor Team!

  PM Sept 15 Retreat

In September, 2015, twelve new Dual Degree Program Peer Mentors and seven returning Dual Degree Program Peer Mentors met for a Two Day Peer Mentor Orientation Retreat that took place on the campus of GSU, as well as on the grounds of Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center.  During the retreat, DDP Peer Mentors were equipped with the necessary tools to successfully mentor our DDP mentees. 

For more information, contact the Dual Degree Program Director, Tiesha Walker at (708) 534-4494 or

  • How can I become a mentee?


    All DDP students are eligible to become a mentee at any time. In order to become a mentee and be matched with a DDP Peer Mentor, simply complete the Mentee Interest Form and return it to your Transfer Specialist. Mentee forms are accepted throughout the year.

  • What are the benefits of being a mentee?


    There are many benefits of being a mentee and being matched with a DDP Peer Mentor:

    • Personalized attention and valuable advice from an experienced, trained DDP Peer Mentor
    • Individualized help with the transfer process from another student who understands exactly what you are going through
    • Assistance with scholarship research and applications
    • Access to someone who can be a resource outside of regular business hours
    • Networking with other students in your mentee group and forming professional/social relationships
    • (Optional) workshops/activities that will help you add to your resume
    • Invitations to exclusive FUN events/social activities (i.e. Dave & Buster’s, bowling, etc.)
    • Extra application points if/when you apply to be a DDP Peer Mentor in the future


  • How can I get hired to be a DDP Mentor?


    DDP Peer Mentors are recruited and hired every year in September. All applicants must be undergraduate DDP students. Applicants must complete a DDP Peer Mentor Application and be interviewed by the DDP Coordinator of Peer Mentoring and a current DDP Peer Mentor.



  • What are the benefits of becoming a DDP Peer Mentor?


    There are many benefits to becoming a DDP Peer Mentor:

    • Serving as an integral part of another student’s educational experience….when you help others, you are helping yourself!
    • Valuable leadership and paraprofessional experience to add to your resume
    • Training on a wide range of topics from higher education resources to intercultural communication to financial management and much more
    • Opportunity to coordinate community service projects
    • Hourly pay (up to 30 hours per month) that will not interfere with your federal work-study
    • Meeting other students and forming professional/social relationships
    • Invitations to exclusive FUN events/social activities (i.e. Dave & Buster’s, bowling, etc.)
    • Networking with university administrators and higher education professionals from around the country


  • Are DDP Peer Mentors compensated?


    Yes. DDP Peer Mentors are paid hourly for up to 30 hours per month. Current DDP Peer Mentors work an average of 17 hours per month. DDP Peer Mentors can hold other positions (i.e. federal work-study) while they are employed as a DDP Peer Mentor.


  • Exactly who do the Peer Mentors mentor?


    DDP Peer Mentors mentor other students in DDP. Usually, these mentees are DDP students who attend/attended the same community college as the DDP Peer Mentor. However, some mentors and mentees are matched on other criteria like major and career interests. DDP Peer Mentors can have anywhere from 2-10 mentees at any given time.