Dr. Tywanda Jiles' perspective of the Honors Program as a faculty member.

Dr Jiles JPEGGSU Faculty, Dr. Tywanda Jiles is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. She currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education. Dr. Tywanda Jiles has been a member of the GSU Honors Faculty Committee under the leadership of Dr. Larry Levinson. In 2013 Dr. David Rhea took over the leadership responsibilities of University Honors where Dr. Jiles still continues to serve faithfully. Dr. Jiles is an advocate for the University Honors Program and recruits students from her classes to join this challenging yet exciting program.  She is passionate and engaged with the honors program and if you speak with her you can feel her enthusiasm for working with students. 

When speaking with Dr. Jiles, it was asked, what was the motivation behind the dedication and commitment to the Honors Program. She stated that as she was a former GSU student and did not get involved in many activities, but vowed that as an educator she would be an advocate for students and help them to become involved in their own education. She feels very strongly that college is an experience and involves more than taking classes. Being a part of the Honors Program affords students a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences which can be helpful from them when they are pursing jobs and advanced degrees.   

When asked what the benefits are as a faculty member of the Honors committee, her reply was the joy of helping to educate and motivate students to think critically about a variety of subjects. She also enjoys the excitement and sense of accomplishment that the students gain they participate in research projects, cultural events and service learning projects. Being a part of the program gives the students an opportunity to learn about themselves as well as ways to effectively work with others. 

When Dr. Ty Jiles was asked what she would say to  faculty members to motivate them to become involved with the Honors program, her response was that we need faculty members, who are  diverse in their thinking with a sincere desire to be involved with students, a staff and or faculty member who is not afraid to help students embark on new experiences and support them on their educational journey.