Housing application for Prairie Place

We are currently accepting names and contact information from students who are still interested in living on campus for the 2015 fall semester. Please contact us at: 708.235.7110 or via email at housing@govst.edu if you are interested in being placed on the wait list for housing this fall.

 We will begin to accept applications for spring 2016 starting October 19, 2015. The 2015-2016 housing contract period runs from August 20, 2015 - August 8, 2016. Housing applicants completing the 2015-2016 must pay a $25 nonrefundable application fee and $200 housing pre-payment (refundable, conditions apply) as part of the application process. If you need assistance making the full required $225 payment, please contact University Housing.

Please review the Important Rules and Regulations and 2015-2016 University Housing Handbook prior to submitting your housing application to live in Prairie Place. 

Below is a chart that identifies each housing application and their start date:


When can I submit my housing application and can expect to get my assignment?

Fall 2015 Housing Application 



If interested in moving on campus this fall, please contact housing at 708.235.7110 or via email at housing@govst.edu  

Spring 2016 Application (open to students moving in during spring 2016)

October 19, 2015

Housing Assignments will be made starting December 8, 2015

Summer 2016 Application 



April 01, 2016
Housing Assignments will be made starting May 2, 2016.  Students who apply after this date will typically receive their assignment within two business days of their application. 

Fall 2016 Housing Application (open to all GSU students and newly admitted students looking for housing during the 2016-17 academic year)

February 8, 2016

Housing Assignments will be made starting June 20, 2016

Students who apply for housing starting at a time other than than the start of the fall semester are only contractually obligated to complete the balance of time on the contract they sign and are billed only for the time they live in University Housing. The summer 2016 housing contract is part of the 2015/2015 contract period. 2015/2016 rates apply.

When ready to apply for housing, please click on the Apply to University Housing>>link below. Your GSU username and password is needed to begin your application. If you are an admitted GSU student and cannot remember your username or password, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 708.534.4357.

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Please contact University Housing at 708.235.7110 for assistance If you have an impairment that impacts your ability to navigate the information on the links below.

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