Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, CBPA

Ph.D., University of Louisville
M.B.A., Central Michigan University 
B.A., Central Michigan University

With over 20 years of practical (hands on) experience, Dr. Sinclair has personal experience as both a corporate and conventional entrepreneur. As a corporate entrepreneur, he has provided products to such companies as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan. As a conventional or self-employed entrepreneur, his companies employed 22 employees manufacturing and distributing products to not only the automotive industry, but also to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) around the world.

Rob currently hold the title of assistant professor of entrepreneurship. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship and a Master of Business Administration from Central Michigan University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville (one of only seven universities in the world to offer such a degree at that time).  In addition, Rob has what he likes to call “Another P.hD. in Entrepreneurship from the school of hard knocks.” His research focuses on entrepreneurial emergence from the general population and has been presented at such conferences as the Academy of Management conference, the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, the Society of Entrepreneurship Scholars Conference, and the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (USASBE).

Based on the combination of practical experience and academic training, Rob has designed a comprehensive entrepreneurship program at Governors State University designed to meet the specific needs of both current and nascent (new) entrepreneurs. This program includes a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship degree, an Entrepreneurship Concentration in conjunction with a Business Administration degree, an Entrepreneurship Minor for those pursuing other areas of study and a Corporate Entrepreneurship specialization under the Business Administration Masters program all of which designed to meet the needs of needs of the modern entrepreneur.