U R a Big Idea

May 06, 2014

If you’re a freshman at GSU this fall you are definitely a Big Idea.  You’ll be a member of our first freshman class that will graduate in 2018.

Want some more Big Ideas?

Start with a high quality education that's affordable.  You can afford a great college education at Governors State University. 

GSU has the lowest combined tuition and fees of any Illinois state university.

GSU does not require freshmen to live on campus.  But if you decide to live here, you'll move in to our brand new Prairie Place residence hall.

GSU also has a whole list of brand new sports teams.  Read about Anthony Bates, our new athletic director.

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But – maybe most important – GSU has some Big Ideas about how to make your freshman year at GSU a very big deal – and prepare you for a very successful college career.

Like your own GSUConnect tablet.  If you're a freshman or living at Prairie Place, it's yours when you arrive on campus.  No cost to you.  With your GSUConnect tablet you will be instantly connected:

  • To the other class members – stay connected for classwork and after class
  • To your really great GSU professors – your course work will be online via GSUConnect and ready to download.  So will classroom video and audio.
  • To your incredibly helpful advisor.
  • To campus news and events.
  • And to your coach if you're playing one of our hot new sports.

What else will you want to GSUConnect to?  Plenty.

Your freshman year at GSU will find you in a group of other freshmen – all working together and concentrating on some core topics like sustainability or global citizenship.  You will be instantly connected to them and the world with your GSUConnect tablet.

So get busy and confirm your plan to be a part of the class of 2018 or send in your application for Prairie Place – or both.  Get GSUConnected.  You don't want to miss any of this!

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