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   Fall 2016 Classes

   In SessionThrough

   November 11, 2016


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• For lifelong learners

• Unique and diverse non-credited courses

• Reasonable price

• Designed for retired and semi-retired learners

• Relaxed and friendly environment

• Encouraging shared learning and the free exchange of opinions and ideas



$73 for the first class

$28 for any additional class    

$36.50 for a 4-week class



Classes held at Governors State University

1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60484


Lunch break between classes serves as a great time to enjoy lunch with other Exchange students, continue the classroom discussion, share ideas and participate in Lunch and Learn lectures when offered.  The GSU cafeteria is open, seating available.


Questions? Contact  Suzanne Patterson  or call 708.534.4393



  • Morning Session 10am-12pm


    Morning sessions (10 a.m. - 12noon) / 8-week classes


    Sustaining the Public Square Series: Elections!      

    Class Co-Facilitators:  Keith Kemp and Al Sturges  

    In our 3rd annual series of civically engaged lectures and presentations, this year’s topic couldn’t help but explore the subject of elections!  Join this class to participate in lively and informative sessions such as Campaign Finance & Volunteerism with former campaign manager Doug Price, Immigration Policies with Dr. Andrae Marak of Governors State University, a history of The Shakman Decree and its impact on government operations with attorney Peter Monahan, Consumption Recession Issues with Dr. Anthony Andrews of Governors State University, Energy Issues at both Federal and Local levels and their impact on voters with environmental lawyer Mel Nickerson, The State Budget: Federal Issues & Journalistic Approach with Rick Bryant (Asst. to R. Kelly), The Electoral College with Andy Schott of Prairie State College and Elections: 2016 and Beyond with Barbara Moore, Syvia Tillman and Erin Roeper of the League of Women Voters!


    Class Leader: Jerome Julian

    The Beatles’ iconic status and enduring legacy are well-known. However, less attention has been given to the more intriguing and unusual intellectual and cultural elements expressed in their work.  This entertaining class takes a deeper dive into the Fab Four, with an emphasis on less-explored topics, including the esoteric influences on their music, lyrics, film, and art. Class will review the band’s output & share insights through multi-media presentation, lecture, and discussion. 

    The Supreme Court: Classic and Contemporary Cases

    Class Leader: Carl Stover

    Many citizens know what the Supreme Court has ruled in major cases, but few know why.  How have the Justices reached (or rationalized) their conclusions?  Participants in this class will read excerpts from the actual Opinions of the Justices using both current and pending issues, and will discuss the plausibility of these opinions both in themselves and in their context of principles, precedents, and politics.  No prior legal knowledge or experience is necessary; reading materials will be condensed to approximately fifteen pages per week.

    Get Out of the Mud!

    The Invention of Highways in America - 1900 to 1927

    SPECIAL 4-WEEK CLASS: OCT. 14, 21, 28 and NOV. 4

    NOTE: Sorry, the afternoon discount does not apply to this 4-week class.

    Class Leader: Larry McClellan

    A four-week review of the invention of automobile highways across the country with author and Route 66 traveler Larry McClellan.  Presented with accompanying PowerPoint images, this class will include topics such the Good Roads Move, the explosion of auto tourism and the creation of "named highways", stories of the Lincoln and Dixie Highways, the trails and roads that became Route 66 and the evolution of the federal highway system, Routes 1 to 101.



     For more information call Suzanne Patterson at 708.534.4393 or  

  • Afternoon Session 1-3pm


    Afternoon Sessions (1 – 3 p.m.) / 8-week classes


    Music Appreciation: The How and Why of Music

    Class Leader: Ron Small

    An overview of how sound is made and why music sounds as it does.  Using some historical aspects of music, this class will include introductions to instruments, voice, conducting and composing.  Audiovisual demonstrations will include strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, percussion and harp within various forms of Symphonic and Jazz music including Sonatas, Fugues, Waltzes, Overtures, Marches, Opera, Ballet and yes, even Pop!  No musical background is necessary to enjoy this class.  NOTE: No Class on Oct. 21 - Class will extend to Nov. 11

    Cinema Studies: Power, Greed, Scandal and Satire: Politics in Film  

    Class Leader: Suzanne Patterson  

    A partial repeat of the fall 2008 series of the same name (not all films will be repeated). From domestic corruption to foreign intrigue with some satire and laughs along the way, this class will screen and discuss 8 films which examine the many facets of the world of politics including Elia Kazan’s brilliant A Face in the Crowd, Costa-Gavras’ searing film Missing, Tim Robbins’ satirical mockumentary Bob Roberts and Joan Allen’s turn as a first-time female VP in The Contender.     NOTE: Class time 1:00pm – 3:30pm


    For more information, please contact Suzanne Patterson at 708.534.4393 or

  • Events


    Curriculum Meeting – Open to the public:

    Friday, October 21, 2016 / 12:15pm-1pm / Room B2203

    Open to all; bring a lunch and get a sneak peek at upcoming session offerings.

    For more information, please contact Suzanne Patterson at 708.534.4393 or