EXPLORE media planning, management and production in a global, multicultural environment. Study television and transmedia production, studio and independent field production, social media and emerging media cultures, regional media industry including public media, global and non-western media systems, all informed by the liberal arts. 

CHOOSE your focus:

  • Media Industry and Production
  • Social Networking and Participatory Culture
  • Global Media and Information Flow 

LEARN in state-of-the-art television studios, media labs and technology enhanced classrooms. Work closely with our award-winning faculty who are drawn from a range of academic disciplines, the arts and media professions. 

EXPERIENCE "as it happens" learning:

  • Cross discipline collaboration, such as working with art and computer science, to create a sequence of 3D and animation courses. Appropriate for media studies, art and computer science majors
  • Access to discipline focused networks and relationships with regional media industries that facilitate work, experience and internship opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary learning and experiential projects within senior level classes, providing opportunities for collaborative projects in a supportive learning environment
  • Media-related study abroad opportunities, providing global experience and literacy 

Our program is anchored in south Chicago, south Cook and Will communities and invested in the diverse voices of a changing world. Participate in seminars with media professionals, internships with regional media organizations, area-focused field research and projects in the public interest. 

We serve to increase qualified graduates in the growing field of Internet based information.

Prepare for opportunities in Internet publishing, broadcasting and video production, as well as in fields ranging from the arts and entertainment to nonprofit; from media research to advocacy and education. 

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Required Preparation

Special Admissions Requirements

In addition to the university admissions requirements, students will complete a written essay outlining their media studies production experience and knowledge and submit a portfolio of their work for assessment. 

The written essay should do the following: 

  • Describe your experience with media production. This can include a range of media, from blogs to podcasts, short films, digital art projects and even mashups posted to YouTube. 
  • Answer these questions: If you had a story to tell, or you wanted to promote a cause, how would you use media to tell this story for: TV, Internet and social media? How do you currently use social media? 

The media portfolio should include the following: 

  1. An Instagram post, blog, another form of social media, or a short video (created using the digital tools you have on hand such as a cellphone, tablet or laptop with a camera), tell us why you want to study media. Be creative. Send us a link to the page or video. 
  2. If available, send us up to three additional links to your media work (blogs, podcasts, short films, digital art projects, etc.) that you would like us to consider as part of your application.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements 

I.    General Education Requirements (37 Hours)

See the catalog for general education requirements. 

II.   Foundation (9 Hours) 

MST 2100     Intro to Media Production (3)

MST 2101     Introduction to Media Studies (3)

MST 3110     Global Media Literacy (3)

III.   Core Courses (24 Hours) 

MST 2102     Digital Video Writing (3)

COMS 3160   Public Address & Rhetorical Skills (3)

COMS 4060   Communication Research (3)

MCOM 4100  Communication Ethics (3)

MST 4991     Senior Seminar (3) 

Discipline Focused Comparative Studies (Choose one)

MST 2110     Media Forms (3)

MST 2120     Media Theory (3)

MST 2130     Media Culture and Innovation (3)

MST 3750     Media Storytelling (3) 

Interdisciplinary Method/ Approach (Choose one)

ANTH 3800   Visual Anthropology (3)

ART 4565     3D Modeling (3)

MCOM 3740  Media Production Technology: Field and Studio (3)

MST 3104    Playing Games (3)

MST 3214    Chicagoland Media (3) 

Writing (Choose one)

ENGL 4100   Advanced Composition (3)

ENGL 4626   Technical Writing I (3)

MST 4130    Writing for Multimedia (3) 

IV.   Concentrations (15-25 Hours) 

Choose one of the concentrations: 

Media Industry and Production, Networking and Participatory Culture or Global Media and Information Flow 

V.    Media Studies Electives (6 hours)

Select six hours of media studies courses with advisor approval.

VI.   Electives (19 - 29 Hours) 

VII.  Total Minimum of 120 Hours

B.A. in Media Studies Study Plan

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the university requirements for a baccalaureate degree found in the GSU catalog. Please meet with your faculty or academic advisor after admission to complete your study plan.

Advisor Information

Deborah James
Assistant Professor