An undergraduate minor in Theatre and Performance Studies is offered for students who wish to supplement a major in another discipline with study in performance. 

The minor is especially appropriate for students who would like to develop an understanding of the role of storytelling on stage and in everyday life, awareness of cultural diversity and civic engagement, as well as heightened communication and critical thinking skills. 

Depending on the student's major, a minor in Theatre and Performance Studies can enhance prospects for a variety of employment endeavors and for admission to graduate or professional study.

Minor Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. In addition, students must:

  •  complete all courses with a grade of C or better
  • submit transfer courses to the advisor for approval by the first week of the semester of intended graduation

I.  Required Courses (12 credit hours)

TAPS 2100 Foundations of Theatre and Performance Studies (3)

TAPS 2210 Introduction to Acting (3)

TAPS 3250 Performing Culture and Identity (3)

TAPS 4250 Performance and Social Change (3) 

II.  Selectives (6 credit hours)

TAPS 2200 Voice and Movement for the Actor (3)

TAPS 3210 Advanced Acting (3)

TAPS 3220 Introduction to Directing (3)

TAPS 3252 Performance of Literature (3)

TAPS 4200 Writing as Performance (3)

TAPS 4252 Solo Performance (3)

TAPS 4260 Performance Art (3)

TAPS 4090 Topics in Theatre and Performance Studies (3) 

III.  Total - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Patrick Santoro