The College of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in anthropology for students majoring in other fields across the university. This minor is particularly appropriate for those students who anticipate significant use of holistic and cross-cultural perspectives and analytic approaches that anthropology embodies. 

Minor Requirements

Requirements for a Minor in Anthropology

I.  General Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for a minor.  All required courses and selectives for the minor must be completed with a C or higher.

II.  Required Courses (12 Hours)

Select four of the following courses:

ANTH 3100 Trends in Cross-Cultural Analysis (3)

ANTH 3300 Ecology, Environment and Culture (3)

ANTH 3800 Visual Anthropology (3)

ANTH 4400 Language and Culture (3)

ANTH 4500 Applied Anthropology (3)

ANTH 4610 Methods and Skills in Cross-Cultural Understanding (3)

ANSO 4300 Food, Culture and Society (3)

ANSO 4400 Theories of Social Science (3)

BIOL 3108 Human Evolution (3) 

III.  Selectives (6 Hours)

6 hours of 3000- and/or 4000- level ANSO and/or ANTH courses with advisor approval.

Total - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Daniel Cortese
Assistant Professor