The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a need for an additional 12,000 informatics nurse specialists by the year 2016.

Today, information drives healthcare more than ever. Information technology allows us to store that information, but without skilled collection, management and application, it's just data.

Informatics turns that data into power:

  • Power to improve patient care
  • Power to manage resources
  • Power to increase performance

Certificate in Health Care Informatics

The coursework for the Certificate in Health Care Informatics has been selected by the College’s Health Administration faculty to prepare health care professionals, and others interested in health care, to work with information management systems within health care settings.

Part-Time Program

The Certificate in Health Care Informatics is a part-time, graduate-level certificate. Courses begin in the Fall semester and continue for three consecutive semesters. Two courses are taken per semester and must be taken in sequence.