The Division of Student Affairs has a team of dedicated student affairs educators and academic enrichment professionals working with one common purpose – advancing the Governors State University mission by promoting the academic, personal and professional development of our students and inspiring them to be responsible citizens and leaders on-campus and in their communities.

Let the Division of Student Affairs be your link from Admissions to Graduation. Within the Student Affairs site you can learn more about programs, services, resources, and opportunities to enrich your GSU experience. As a team, we look forward to being an integral part of your campus experience.

Now available: The Student Affairs Newsletter, Spring 2016: [PDF File] [e-book


What's New in Student Affairs? Jaguar Connection 

The GSU Jaguar Connection is a long-awaited tool that features student clubs and organizations, along with campus events.  It's a place where students can start or join an organization, or make plans to attend an event.  Student leaders can gather contact information, share event dates, and post-election processes for all clubs and organizations. The site also makes it easy for student organizations to communication with each other. Jaguar Connection training for student leaders and advisors will start January 26 & 28, 2016.

Program Spotlight: Advocating for Sexual Assault Prevention

Consistent with the GSU Title IX initiative, the Advocating for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) team at Governors State University (GSU) is committed to creating a campus culture that promotes sexual and relationship health through education and training on the prevention of sexual violence. Click here to visit the GSU ASAP website >>>