Do you every go shopping and buy ‘stuff’ you don’t really need? Do you ever look at all that you have and wonder how you got so much ‘stuff’?  Do you ever look at your ‘stuff’ and wonder what you are going to do with everything that you have? If you can answer yes to one of these questions, then you need to be a part of the Story of Stuff Project

Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff highlights the fact that people living in America just have way too many possessions. Author Annie Leonard raises the reader's awareness about the impact of possessions by sharing her many experiences and pointing out how having too much stuff can be very negative for our health because too much of what we have is toxic, and we don’t share it very well. 

After sharing the reasons for the problems associated with having too much stuff, Leonard also challenges the reader to become part of the solution. It is the solutions that we are seeking to embrace this year at GSU. Rather than possessing more, we are challenged to become healthier, safer and more fair through our choices. With better choices we can create an environment based upon better not more, sharing not selfishness, and community rather than division. Lydia Morrow Ruetten reading The Story of Stuff

"As Chair of the Intellectual Life Committee which is responsible for selecting and coordinating programming for the OneBook, One University FY 14: The Story of Stuff, we are hopeful that by embracing the messages in this book our entire GSU community will learn more about improving our sustainability. In addition, through the many collaborative events that will be planned in association with this book, we seek to enhance our civic engagement and global citizenship by becoming more aware of the impact that each of us has on our planet." 

We invite you as a first step to read the book. To learn more, visit the Story of Stuff website. Your third step is to let us know how you are dealing with your STUFF.
-Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Dean of the GSU Library

 Taking Care of STUFF in the GSU Library
The Problem

Piles of books
In April 2014, the library staff had to prepare the library for renovation. Outdated materials had to be removed from the collection. Many books, audio and video cassette tapes had to be disposed of quickly.

Library staff wanted to recycle these items. As information specialists, they researched the best way to make that happen.

All photos by Judy Hanacek, GSU Library
The Solution

Lydia Morrow Ruetten with Robin DuPreLydia Morrow Ruetten and Robin DuPre, Keeling Family Foundation

A global partnership was established with Better World Books to either sell the books or send them to countries where books are needed.

A civic partnership was also established with the Keeling Family Foundation which supports Vet Tech to help veterans. They recycled the videotapes and small electronic appliances. These partnerships will be ongoing.
 Tell us the Story of Your STUFF 

We want to hear and see what you are doing with your Stuff to help make your community or our GSU Community safer, healthier and even more beautiful.
We invite students, student clubs, faculty, staff and administrators to please join our GSUOneBookOne Facebook group where you can share stories and selfies about your Stuff. For those not on Facebook, please send your stories or selfies to Follow us on Twitter at #GSUOneBookOne.