Chicago Southland International Film Festival 

September 15 & 16 - Festival Screenings (Free Admission) 

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Are you a film festival buff? There's Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, and now, a film festival dedicated to emerging student filmmakers: The Chicago Southland International Film Festival. See short narrative or documentary works in the comfort of the southland's "Best Live Entertainment Venue," according to readers of the Daily Southtown (2013-2017).

This festival serves as a stimulating opportunity to share and promote the vibrant arts and culture community that exists at GSU.  -Suzanne Paterson, co-chair of the festival.


 Saturday, Sept. 15- Short Film Competition Day 1
12:30p CPA Theater Doors Open
1p Welcome Activities
1:30-2:30p Program #1- High School Short Films w/ Q & A
2:30-3p Intermission
3-5p Program #2- Undergraduate Narrative Short Films w/ Q & A
5:30-6:30p Intermission
6:30-8p Program #3- Graduate Narrative Short Films w/ Q & A

Sunday, Sept. 16- Short Film Competition Day 2
2p CPA Theater Doors Open
2:30-4:30p Program #4- Undergraduate/Graduate Documentary Short Films w/ Q & A
4:30-6p Intermission
6-8:30p Awards Ceremony


High School Short Film
Sequential (5:24)
Directed by Teddy Holcomb (U.S.A.); Experimental film chronicling the bizarre meeting of a man and an arcade machine.
Signs (9:27)
Directed by Tyler Harding (U.S.A.); The film is both a narrative and PSA that helps educate viewers about suicide and depression.
A March Across Generations (9:08)
Directed by Eliana D'Astici (U.S.A.); Story of 3 generations in Eliana’s family and their journey to the Women's March on Washington.

Undergraduate Short Films - Narrative
Exit (9:18)
Directed by Matthew Bilmes (U.S.A.); Thriller about a woman who works at the Exit Bureau, where she spends her nights convincing people to end their lives for society's greater good.
The Wish and the Wisp (15:23)
Directed by Vashmere Valentine (U.S.A.); A fantasy about 2 siblings who discover a real wish and the menacing creature that wants it back!
Terminal (16:34)
Directed by Nadine Moomjy (U.S.A.); Based on the true story of the TWA 800 flight. This film centers around a fictional mother who is struggling with the grief of losing her daughter after her daughter’s plane disappears.
Le Pouvoir du Silence (6:43)
Directed by Max Kennedy (U.S.A.); Fantasy film follows a character who inexplicably turns into a mime.
Orphan Theatre (4:12)
Directed by Aaliyah Chapman (U.S.A.); The story of two orphans trying to find a home through theatre.
Lo Que Pasa (9:48)
Directed by Marcus Aubin (U.S.A.); When contrasting racial groups clash at a party, Ricky's fun night out suddenly turns into a disaster.
Vienna (7:16)
Directed by Lucas Mumm (U.S.A.); During a bombing led by the Allies, a young Austrian couple are separated.

Undergraduate Short Film – Documentary
The Blacksmith (30:00)
Directed by Ivan Andrianov (Germany); The closed, rich and worldwide unknown culture of Ukraine is explored in a typical old village in which Sergii, a Ukrainian blacksmith, presents through his work a contrast between authentic peaceful life and the tragic reality of war.
The Lucky Ones (15:38)
Directed by Tara Eng, Abigail Haley & Audrey Warner (U.S.A.); This film looks into the culture of a sport (gymnastics) that cultivates relationships of abusive trust and a testimony to resilience.
The Underdogs (29:27)
Directed by Anthony Austin (U.S.A.); A documentary highlighting the historic 2017-18 men's basketball season at Governors State University.

Graduate Short Film – Narrative
The Two Flavor Hot Pot (12:02)
Directed by Alfred Li (China); A funny, tongue-in-cheek horror short involving delicious food, infidelity and murder!
Dingus Wishes (8:00)
Directed by Elvira Ibragimova (U.S.A.); An amusing fantasy in which, after catching a Wish Gremlin, a small town must put aside their differences and vote on one collective wish.
Because of a Little Apple (13:54)
Directed by Pavel Roganov (Russia); The film is based on Anton Chekhov’s short story, “Because of Little Apples”. The action is transferred from the nobleman and the apple garden to current times in a supermarket.
Lonely Souls (21:01)
Directed by Arika Rogers (U.S.A.); When a girl has disturbing premonitions, she foolishly tries to interfere with fate.
The Loop (10:00)
Directed by Petr Kvasov (Russia); A young woman, unsure of herself, tries to understand the intricacies of relationships forcing her to make a choice between family, work and loved one.

Graduate Short Film – Documentary
The Heart of the Blackhawks (11:38)
Directed by Karson Pilote (Canada); Pierre Pilote was a Defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks; he tells us his life story and how he became one of the top defensemen in the NHL, in the 60s.