Frequently Asked Questions About The Summer Hours Program at GSU


Question: Am I eligible to participate in the Summer Hours Program?

Answer: All non-union Administrative and Professional, Civil Service and Extra help employees are eligible. All union employees may be able to participate in the Summer Hours Program. The bargaining agent of represented employees will be contacted to develop a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the participation of their union members. These employees will be notified if and when these agreements are finalized. This notice does not pertain to employees whose Department/Unit Head has determined that the Summer Hours schedule would adversely impact operational needs. Your supervisor will notify you of that decision.

Question: How does the Summer Hours Schedule work on a daily basis?

Answer: For example---If you have a 9.5 hour work day, and plan to start work at 8:00 a.m., you will work until 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. depending on the length of your lunch break. You must take at least a half-hour (30 minute unpaid) lunch period somewhere midway through the work-day. If you are in a participating bargaining unit with two (2) negotiated break times (typically 15 minutes each), you will take one break during mid-morning and one mid- afternoon. Breaks and lunch times are separate, and may not be used to end a work-day early or to delay start time.

Question: Do any other schools have this kind of program? How do employees like it?

Answer: Yes, Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, and other Illinois public institutions of higher education have similar programs. It is very popular among employees, who look forward to it each year. While each department must first determine its ability to operate on a modified schedule, if there are no anticipated problems, then typically most units creatively offer some sort of regular or flexible 4-day schedule to their employees so that the work will continue effectively and efficiently.

Question: What if I have a problem with working more than a 7.5 hour a day, for example due to child care, personal or family health reasons, or other commitments? Do I have to participate in this summer hours’ program?

Answer: Exceptions from the summer hours’ program will be considered if working such hours creates a hardship. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Human Resources Department in consultation with the appropriate department/unit head.

Question: What if I am under a union labor agreement? What are my options?

Answer: Once the operational and staffing needs of the University have been determined by the units/departments, the affected unions will be contacted for further discussion in order to reach a temporary agreement for the Summer Hours program.

Question: If I am a non-union, non-exempt (eligible for overtime) or exempt (not eligible for overtime) worker and am contacted to come into work and have already worked my 37.5 hours, or have to work overtime beyond the 9.5 hours in a day, how would I be paid?

Answer: Every attempt will be made to limit overtime while on this type of work schedule. Exempt employees do not earn overtime. Non-exempt non-bargaining unit employees working the 4-day schedule will be paid overtime at the applicable rate of pay established by the applicable Board of Trustees regulation, and will earn overtime in excess of the hours assigned to work on a daily basis or 37.5 hours per week. Union employees will be governed by their respective contracts Those individuals who work a 4-day schedule will earn overtime in excess of 37.5 or 40 hours in a work week.

Question: If I am on a Summer Hours schedule with Friday’s off, how will my hours be affected by the May 26th and July 4th holidays?

Answer: This year, there are 2 holidays that fall during the summer hours’ program. Memorial Day is on Monday, May 26th and the university will be closed for the holiday. For the week of May 26th to May 30th, employees will work 7.5 hours per day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. July 4th is on a Friday this year and the university will be closed for the holiday. For the week of June 30th to July 4th, employees will work 7.5 hours per day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Question: If I am a 24/7 Department of Safety or Plant Operations employee, how will my hours be affected by the May 26th and the July 4th Holidays?

Answer: Essential functions (i.e. DPS and Plant Operations, etc.) will continue to be staffed as normal for 24/7 operations. As always, check with your direct supervisor to determine your specific work schedule. Also check with your contract bargaining agreement (CBA) regarding holiday closing schedules.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail them to Pulchratia Kinney-Smith in Human Resources: All inquiries are confidential, and your name will not be disclosed in the event your question is added to the FAQ list for all employees to view.