Frequently Asked Questions About The Summer Flex Hours Program at GSU


Question: Will the University close on Friday's this Summer?

Answer: This year, the University will maintain normal business operations.

Question: Who can participate in the Summer Flex-Hours Program?

Answer: Unit supervisors will determine the scheduling needs of each specific department and then have the option to offer flexible scheduling to employees in accordance with the operational needs of the department

Question: How does the Summer Flex-Hours Program work on a daily basis?


If you are interested in creating a schedule under the Summer Flex-Hours Program, you will work with your supervisor to determine the appropriate schedule and which day of the week will be taken off for flex scheduling. You must still work 37.5 hours in a week or utilize benefit time to make up for the time off, and you must take at least a half-hour (30 minute) unpaid lunch period somewhere midway through the work-day.  Also remember that breaks and lunch times are separate, and may not be used to end a work-day early or to delay start time.  Employees should complete the “Summer Flex-Hours Program” option Form and submit it to your supervisors by Tuesday, April 10, 2018 for approval.  Supervisors should submit completed/approved forms to Linda Theres-Jones in Payroll (



Question: How much benefit time do I need to participate in the Summer Flex-Hours Program?

Answer: These are three options:

Use No Benefit Time – work 37.5 hours in four (4) days = 9.5 hours 3 days and a 9 hour day (this does not include your lunch/break)

Use a Half a Day of Benefit Time – work four (4) days at 8.5 hours a day and utilize 3.5 hours of benefit time


Use a Whole Day of Benefit Time – Work four (4) days at 7.5 hours a day and utilize 7.5 hours of benefit time



Question: Can I borrow benefit time in order to participate in the Summer Flex-Hours Program?


In order to participate in the Program, you must have sufficient benefit time accrued before utilizing your time for the Program.


Question: Do I have to participate in the Summer Flex-Hours Program?

Answer: Employees do not have to participate in the Summer Flex-Hours Program and may work their regular 7.5 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Question: If I do not plan on participating in the Summer Flex-Hours Program do I still need to complete a form?

Answer: No, you do not have to complete the Summer Flex-Hours Program form.

Question: If I am a non-union, non-exempt (eligible for overtime) or exempt (not eligible for overtime) worker and am contacted to come into work and have already worked my 37.5 hours, or have to work overtime beyond the 9.5 hours in a day, how would I be paid?


Every attempt will be made to limit overtime while on this type of work schedule.  Exempt employees do not earn overtime.  Non-exempt non-bargaining unit employees working the 4-day schedule will be paid overtime at the applicable rate of pay established by the applicable Board of Trustees regulation, and will earn overtime in excess of the hours assigned to work on a daily basis or 37.5 hours per week.  Union employees will be governed by their respective collective bargaining agreements.  Those individuals who work a 4-day schedule will earn overtime in excess of 37.5 hours in a week.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail them to Sandra Alvarado in Human Resources All inquiries are confidential, and your name will not be disclosed in the event your question is added to the FAQ list for all employees to view.