The big ideas just keep coming. Here are just a few:

In the fall of 2014 we will become a four-year university and welcome our first freshman class. Like most of what you find at GSU, this will be a class for whom an ordinary freshman year just won’t do. Instead, each freshman student will be focused on one of three overarching academic themes – Civic Engagement, Global Citizenship or Sustainability – regardless of the major they have in mind. This focus will provide a solid foundation of values-based learning – to help our students be uniquely prepared for a world that changes almost daily.

The new GSU freshmen can move into our new student residence, Prairie Place. This is no ordinary college dorm. It's a state-of-the-art residence with a choice of living options:
•Two-bedroom/single occupancy bedrooms
•Two-bedroom/double occupancy bedrooms
•Semi-Suites/double occupancy bedrooms
•Four-bedroom suites/single occupancy bedrooms

There’s also a community kitchen on each floor. There’s even an in-house classroom for meetings and events.

The sciences have also found a new home at GSU. Our 60,000 square foot Science Wing has been redesigned and renovated. The new classrooms and labs – made possible by a National Science Foundation grant – are where students and faculty look for the next big ideas in biology, chemistry, computer science and nursing. There’s nothing like it in the region.

These are just the beginning of the big ideas coming to life at GSU. Want to see more? Why not come for a visit? We can’t wait to show you around.