The GSU secondary education math and science programs will offer a science, technology, engineering and math camp (STEM).

New camp dates coming soon.

Eligible students who are going into eighth grade through 2014 high-school graduates are invited to take part in the exciting and fun adventure into STEM. Some activities will include launching bottle rockets, catapulting ping-pong balls, building bridges, and creating slime.

Who will be teaching the STEM workshops?

  • There will be at least one individual who has completed a teacher education program at GSU teaching the workshops.  Pre-service teachers who are currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program at GSU will also be assisting.

Have all teachers and pre-service teachers passed criminal background checks?

  • Yes, all individuals involved in teaching or assisting with the camp will have recently passed a certified criminal background check.

Where will workshops take place?

  • Most workshops will take place in one of the newly built science labs at Governors State University.  One activity must take place outside, on GSU's campus as open space is required for the activity.

What safety measure will be in place?

  • Safety is of foremost concern.  A safety video will be required viewing by all participants on the first day.  All participants must wear long pants and closed-toed shoes each day.  Safety glasses and gloves will be provided to all participants as needed.  Safety concerns and procedures for all labs will be fully explained before each lab.

Will the schedule be strictly followed?

  • No, it is only a tentative schedule.  There is one activity that must take place outside.  That activity will be planned according to the weather forecast.

What if my child has special dietary needs?

  • Any special dietary requirements should be noted on the application form.

How many participants will be enrolled?

  • A maximum of twenty participants will be allowed to register.

How will participants be chosen?

  • Participants meeting all requirements will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applicants must:
  • meet the proper age requirements
  • have the application and supporting documents fully completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian
  • includes the camp fee along with the application

Are there any minimum grade requirements or specific math / science course prerequisites?

  • No. The goal of the STEM camp is to explore and hopefully increase participants' interest in STEM fields.  We want the camp to be fun.
For additional information, please contact Melinda Elliott.