Graduate Tuition Waiver and Graduate Assistantship Requirements

The College of Arts and Sciences awards a limited number of graduate tuition waivers and graduate assistantships.
Freshman scholarships are awarded by GSU’s Office of Admissions.
Please see below for application information for graduate tuition waivers and graduate assistantships.

Tuition Waiver: Graduate and Minority Graduate

  1. United States Citizen or Permanent Resident status
  2. Registered for at least six (6) credit hours, in a degree program
  3. 3.0 cumulative GPA
  4. Complete CAS "Application for Tuition Waiver" form
  5. Minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation, from faculty or staff from GSU or the last school attended
  6. Tuition waivers cover in‐state tuition rates only
Graduate Assistantship
  1. Registered for at least six (6) credit hours, in a degree program
  2. 3.0 cumulative GPA
  3. Complete the CAS "Application for Graduate Assistantship" form
  4. Resume
  5. Minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation
  6. Work 20 hours per week, in your college/unit
  7. Full tuition waived

Notes on Processing of Graduate Assistantship/Tuition Waiver Application:
Application, two (2) letters of recommendation, and a letter stating educational/career goals and why you feel you should be awarded a tuition waiver, must be submitted to the appropriate division office at least two weeks prior to the “Tuition Payment Deadline” as shown on the Academic Calendar to prevent registration cancellation.
All required documentation must accompany your application or your packet will not be accepted.
Tuition Waiver awards are the result of recommendations to the dean from a faculty review panel. 

Graduate Assistantships are awarded based on application packets and interviews conducted by CAS faculty. Assistantships are available in the following disciplines/areas only: Art, Biology, Center for Performing Arts, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Dean’s Office, Independent Film and Digital Imaging. Please contact faculty in designated disciplines/areas for additional information.
Award/Acceptance letters are to be signed by the student and returned to the Dean's Office, by the application deadline.

Application Forms
Applicant forms may be picked-up from the following locations:

  1. CAS Dean’s Office
  2. Communication, Visual and Performing Arts Division Office
  3. Humanities and Social Sciences Division Office
  4. Science Division Office
CAS Tuition Waiver Categories
  1. Graduate Tuition Waiver
  2. Special Tuition Waiver – based on internal and external agreements (e.g., Student Teachers. Community College Scholarship Tuition Waiver [fees also waived])
  3. Minority Graduate Student Tuition Waiver for underrepresented groups
  4. Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant Tuition Waiver (as part of official agreements, e.g., Foreign Language)
  5. Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver for direct academic support 

Current GSU graduate level students are eligible to apply. Creative leadership and service qualities are particularly sought in areas related to the disciplines within the College and University as well as non-academic achievements and involvement in extracurricular activities. These may be associated with one’s major or may be in other areas.

Selection Process
All awards will be based upon an evaluation of the materials submitted by the student in support of their application. The Division Chair and a committee of faculty in the appropriate discipline will review applications; recommendations will be made based upon the quality of work submitted and the potential for future growth demonstrated. Divisions may also utilize publicized competitions or interviews to evaluate its applicants. The division chairpersons will select the recipient of the divisional awards and will present the Division’s remaining applicants to the Collegial Committee. All awards will be made upon approval of the dean.
Recipients will be selected and notified by the awarding college/unit and the awarding college/unit will provide the Financial Aid Office a list of recipients by the end of each trimester.

Application Procedures

  1. Obtain and complete the appropriate application.
  2. Completed forms are to be submitted to the appropriate division office by the application closing date (approximately four weeks prior to the first trimester the waiver is to be awarded).
  3. All applications must be accompanied by at least two letters of recommendation; one should be from a professional in the student’s field, and a letter stating educational/career goals and why you feel you should be awarded a tuition waiver.

Appropriate evidence of talent must also accompany the application. Leadership talent may be documented through letters of appointment, awards, news clippings portfolios, grants letters of commendation, etc. Creative talent may be documented through recordings, manuscripts, films, prints, slides, portfolios, reviews, publications, awards, etc.

The maximum eligibility period is six trimesters over a two-year period. Tuition Waivers may be awarded for one, two or three trimesters within a given academic year (September to August). Renewal applicants should submit examples of new work or activity that is extracurricular, and show that it has contributed to their career goals and personal growth.