“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela.

We prepare future teachers for teaching children at the middle and high school level. Our candidates successfully completing each degree program obtain a Bachelor's Degree (B.A. or B.S.), and upon meeting all requirements, will be eligible for an initial Secondary Education License issued by the Illinois State Board of Education.

We also offer certificates in Biology Education, Chemistry Education, English Education and Mathematics Education for candidates who have previously completed an undergraduate degree in one of those particular fields and desire to obtain a teaching license. 

  • Tier One: Admission to University


    Our admissions process involves two steps. The first is admission to Governors State University. Apply Now.

  • Tier Two: Admission to Secondary Educ. Program



    • Meet with academic advisor to develop a Student Study Plan;
    • Be in good academic standing at Governors State University;
    • Present transcripts showing a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher in all undergraduate work attempted;
    • Present transcripts showing a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher in all Governors State University general education classes;
    • Send as an attachment a word-processed essay of no more than 300 words explaining why you would like to become a teacher. E-mail the file with your name and major in the subject line. The Secondary Education Student Progress Committee will assess these essays for content, writing proficiency and overall student disposition. Send to: secondaryed@govst.edu;
    • Attend Secondary Education Orientation;
    • Present evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency, BasicSkills Testof the Illinois Licensure Testing System, or the ACT exam plus the Writing exam;
    • Receive a grade of ‘B’ or higher in EDUC 2310 (Foundations of Education) or its equivalent; and
    • Meet state requirements for criminal background check.

    To be officially accepted into the Teacher Education Program for initial licensure, all candidates must complete and submit a Teacher Candidacy Application to their prospective advisor. Click here to download the Teacher Candidacy Application fillable PDF and open in Adobe Reader.

    Important: All programs leading to the licensure of teachers and other school professionals are subject to change per ISBE requirements.

  • Secondary Education Admissions Essay


     Criteria for Assessing the 300 Word Admissions Essay

    1. Introduction

    • Addresses the topic in a sophisticated manner
    • Takes a position (stated or implied)

    2. Body

    • Topic is expanded and supported
    • Paragraphs are well developed and contain multiple sentences that support the controlling idea
    • Each paragraph flows smoothly into the one that follows with well-chosen transitions
    • Essay is free of digressive statements

    3. Conventions

    • Sentences vary in length and are concise and meaningful
    • Contains no awkwardly constructed sentences, fragments, or run-ons
    • Paper has been proofread and is without spelling and typing errors
    • Appropriate capitalization and punctuation has been used

    4. Conclusion

    • Closing comments effectively conclude the paper by referring back to main idea.

    5. Focus/Integration

    • Question is addressed in a sophisticated manner
    • Content is appropriate to the nature of the teacher education program
    • Appropriate disposition

    Email to:  Secondary ed

  • ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency


    Illinois Licensure Testing System

    All initial teacher candidates must pass the Basic Skills or the Test of Academic Proficiency prior to entering any teacher education program in Illinois. 

    The TAP consists of the following subtests: 

    • Reading Comprehension (401)
    • Language Arts (402)
    • Mathematics (403)
    • Writing (404)

    Teacher Candidates with ACT with writing composite scores of 22 or higher or with SAT scores of 1030 or higher may apply to the Illinois State Board of Education to use their ACT or SAT scores in lieu of the TAP test. The full ACT test must be taken including the writing component. The ACT or SAT must be passed within ten years of applying to enter a program. 


    Our program advisors will be able to answer more detailed questions on this topic.

  • Criminal Background Check


    Candidates for Illinois teacher licensure at Governors State University are required to submit to a program approved criminal background check prior to their initial field experience placement (classroom observations) in schools. For more information on this requirement, please see: https://portal.castlebranch.com/GO03.

  • Nationally Accredited Programs


    • The Secondary Education Teacher Preparation program in English is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of English.
    • The Secondary Education Teacher Preparation program in mathematics is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 
    • The Secondary Education Teacher Preparation programs in biology and chemistry are accredited by the National Science Teachers Association.

  • Assessment Software


    We use LiveText™'s intuitive web-based interface to create, submit and complete assignments for courses.  It helps students stay organized and receive the feedback needed to improve learning. Such documents and assignments then become the evidence we need for programs to assess and analyze effectiveness. The Professional Education Unit has adopted LiveText™ as a tool to support its instruction and system of assessment. Secondary Education candidates are required to submit an electronic portfolio as one of the key assessments during student teaching. We recommend that students purchase LiveText™ early in their academic career, during the first semester. LiveText may be purchased at the GSU Bookstore and registered at https://www.livetext.com/purchase-register-membership/

  • Admission to Secondary Student Teaching


    All candidates admitted to student teaching in Secondary Education are required to: 

    • Pass their respective ILTS Content Area Examination.  See ILTS Content Area Examination entry below.
    • Receive a positive recommendation from the Secondary Education Student Progress Committee.
    • Successfully complete 100 clock hours of pre-student teaching clinical experiences.  
    • Contact an advisor for additional program-specific requirements.

  • ILTS Content Area Examination


    Candidates are required to pass their respective ILTS Content Area Examination prior to student teaching.  Content-area tests are substantial examinations of subject-matter knowledge at a level of understanding required of educators. They entail the use of conceptual knowledge and thought, not the mere memorization and recounting of facts. More information regarding this examination is available at: 

  • Primary Student Teacher Expectations


    • Be expected to participate for the full 15 week experience.
    • Submit daily lesson plans to both the University Supervisor and Cooperating teacher one week in advance, using the program specific templates or those required by the school.
    • Complete all assignments required by the specific programs in a timely manner.
    • Submit edTPA portfolio.
    • Submit Program e-Portfolio in LiveText™.

  • edTPA


    The edTPA is a performance-based assessment of teaching quality and effectiveness.  During the Student Teaching Experience all candidates are required to submit edTPA portfolios for assessment. Additional information will be covered in methods courses and student teaching.

  • Secondary Educ. Student & Teaching Handbooks


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Secondary Education Advisors / Instructors

Dual Roles as 
Advisors and Instructors
Dr. Dianna Galante - Mathematics

Dr. Pamela Guimond - Biology and Chemistry

Cheryl Hague - English

Dr. Rashidah Muhammad - English

Dr. Amy Vujaklija - English

Nancy Paus - Mathematics

 Dr. Angela Thompson - Mathematics

Donna Zuidema - Secondary Science