1aocPeterThe Art on Campus program is activating wall spaces on campus with student, alumni and community artwork. Because these galleries are located in the public areas at GSU, the exhibits can be viewed any time the campus is open.

Big Walls Gallery

E/F Wing Corridor

Peter Le Grand for ART SHARE 

Peter Le Grand is a Dutch born artist, teacher and writer. He came to the US when he was 17 years old. Peter graduated from the University of Michigan in 1966 with a BBA degree. In 1978 he completed his MA degree in Visual Arts at Governors State University and in 1979 he became a professional photographer. He joined the faculty at Columbia College-Chicago in 1980 as an Adjunct Professor and became a tenured faculty member in 1987. He retired from full-time teaching in 2011 and is now Professor Emeritus. He is quite active in photography and has recently published his first documentary book titled "Ghost Towns Reborn".


1aocMBBox Office Gallery

Center for Performing Arts

Mary Beth Koszut

The need to balance desires and responsibilities can be seen as one constant chaotic event. Through grace and perseverance, balance is often achieved until a situation or circumstance inevitably causes an element of collapse. This seeming failure, however, is only one aspect of the dichotomous nature of life.

My artwork strives to investigate the curiosity of continual contradiction that encompasses the growth process. I explore how paths seem impassable, yet we traverse them. How we constantly depend and interact with one another, yet often feel alone.  How we are able to simultaneously build and collapse.

Enamored with the expressive qualities of mark-making, imagery in this work is repeatedly overlapped and removed.  This process is analogous to building upon successes and letting go of unfortunate life events. The resulting unexpected passages of color and shape, compile environments of chaotic energy and balance.

The elements in each piece are inspired by the forest environment. Abstracted branches, roots, and rocks appear as linear and circular shapes. These elements metaphorically represent individuals in search of physical, emotional, and spiritual stability. Their interdependence on one another for support, to achieve a precarious balance, is evident. Pushing and forming one another as they struggle, unable to transcend their environment, they achieve a fragile stability, which at any moment, could collapse.

Skylight Gallery

GSU Library

Students in the Spring 2016 "Print on Clay" Special Topics course integrated printmaking techniques to make a series of works in clay. They used a variety of ceramic processes including slab building, wheel throwing, and slip-casting and then combined screen-printing, relief, stencils, and water-slide decals onto the surfaces of their objects. Artists represented in this exhibit are: 

Tamara Arnold 
Jason Blohm 
Brittany Vance 
Katie Wraczewska
Lauren Bolek 
Carrie Carlson 
Linda Cortopassi 
Madeline Henry 
Jeanna Knowles 
Kayla Kreiniker 
Gabriela Perez 
Dee Sroka 


To find out more about the ceramics classes at GSU contact Leanne Cambric lcambric@govst.edu


Come to our ART WALK on Tuesday, September 6 at 4 p.m.

4:00 “Print on Clay” in the Skylight Gallery, GSU Library

4:30 Clay and Print Demos in the ceramics and printmaking classrooms E1526

5:30 “Ways of Making: Abstraction” reception in the Visual Arts Gallery

    with additional artwork in the Art on Campus Spaces.

6:00 Artists’ Talk in E Lounge adjacent to the gallery

All exhibits will be open during the entire event for those who cannot join the walk time frame.