The online RN to BSN Degree at Governors State University is:

  • Completed online and fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
  • Designed to be completed in three terms when a candidate is enrolled for 12 credit hours per semester and has already completed all prerequisite degree requirements before she/he begins the 35 semester RN to BSN Sequence.
  • Offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters -- there are no start-up Nursing classes offered in Summer. 

I.  Degree Requirements - 120 Total Credit Hours:  (30) credit hours transfer from AAS Nursing or Nursing Diploma; (55) credit hours required courses; (35) Upper Division credit hours

  • Meet all university requirements for a bachelor's degree;
  • Hold an Associate's Degree or a Diploma in Nursing with a GPA of 2.00 or higher;
  • Be a State-Certified Registered Nurse;
    Individuals in the process of completing an AAS in nursing and RN Licensure may be admitted conditionally for one semester with the provision that the RN be obtained by the end of the first semester of GSU enrollment. If at the end of the first semester one has not achieved their RN License, she or he will be prohibited from enrolling in nursing classes until the conditions have been met.
  • All transfer credit must be completed with a grade of “C” or above. Students receiving a “D or F” in upper division courses with the NURS prefix may only repeat two nursing courses before being academically dismissed from the BSN.
  • Lower Division courses are numbered 1000-2999; Upper Division are numbered 3000-4999.

II. Required Coursework (55 hours)
         Written Composition  I (3)                                 Chemistry with Lab (4)
         Written Composition II (3)                                 Organic Chemistry (4)
         Speech/Oral Communication (3)                          Anatomy & Physiology (4)
         Basic Computer Applications (3)                          Science Selective (3)
         Statistics (3)                                                     Microbiology (4)
         Human Development Life-Span (3)                      General Sociology (3)
         Humanities Elective (3)                                       General Psychology (3)
         Fine Arts Elective (3)                                          Writing Intensive Elective (3)
         Diversity or Multicultural Elective (3)        
III. (35) Upper-Division Courses:  (27) Nursing plus (8) Upper Division                 

  • The following courses must be completed in the order listed.
  • When Humanities and Fine Arts are completed at the lower division level, the eight upper division required hours become elective courses. When not completed at the lower division, the upper division courses become (3) Humanities Elective; (3) Fine Arts Elective; (2) Free Elective.  The BSN required (55) courses, with the exception of humanities and fine arts, when completed at the upper division level cannot be used to meet the (8) BSN upper division requirement.

NURS 3140 Conceptual Basis for Professional Nursing (3)
NURS 3150 Pathophysiology (3)
NURS 3170 Basic Nursing Informatics (3)
NURS 3300 Health Assessment (3)
Upper Division Selective (2)
NURS 3160 Gerontological Nursing (3)
NURS 4110 Evidence-Based Research (3)
Upper Division Humanity or Selective (3)
NURS 4120 Public Health Promotion (3)
NURS 4130 Public Health Practicum (3)
NURS 4501 Leadership for Patient Safety (3)
Upper Division Fine Arts or Selective (3)

IV. Required Medical Forms and Insurance (Turn into Academic Advisor before the end of the first semester.)

Active BLS-CPR certification - CPR-BLS Card         Incident Report
Personal health insurance                                    Informed Consent
Liability Insurance coverage                                 Potential Disease Exposure Form
Universal Precautions Printed Test Score - (Test    Refusal of Hepatitis B Vaccine 
available in the GSU library, 708.534.3112)           Student handbook Sign-Off Sheet
Student Health Form                                          Titers