Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges is a consortium of approximately 1,700 colleges and universities that provide educational opportunities for servicemembers and their families.

Hundreds of thousands of servicemembers and their family members enroll annually in programs offered by SOC member universities, colleges, community colleges and technical institutes. Military students may enroll in associate, bachelor and graduate-level degree programs on school campuses, military installations and armories within the U.S. and overseas.

  • SOC Co-Sponsors

  • SOC Cooperating Associations


    Thirteen other educational associations

    Military Services

    National Guard

    Coast Guard

  • SOC Funding


    SOC is funded by the Department of Defense through a contract with American Association of State Colleges and Universities. The contract is managed for DoD by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support.

  • SOC Degree Programs


    SOC coordinates associate's and bachelor's degrees in a variety of curriculum areas.

    Army SOCAD
    Coast Guard SOCCOAST
    Marine Corps SOCMAR
    Navy SOCNAV

    These degree programs are offered by colleges and universities on, or accessible to, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy installations worldwide. Service members (as well as members of their families) in isolated locations can take courses through distance-learning methods such as:

    Within each curriculum or degree network, member colleges agree to accept each other's credits in transfer.

  • SOC Evaluation of Your Academic Records


    Please contact: Interdisciplinary Studies at 708.534.4092 or