Campus Visit FAQs

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    Scheduling your campus visit at least two to three weeks in advance will help secure the date of choice.

  • Can my parents come with me?


    Parents or guardians are always welcome on campus. When you select a group size for your visit, please include them in the total.

  • Can I meet with an admissions representative while on campus?


    Sure - an admission counselor will be available to answer any questions you may have about programs after the tour. The counselor will provide you with an overview of the academic program of interest as well as information you can take home.

  • What happens after I arrive?


    Upon arrival, you will check in at the Office of Admission room D1400 inside the Main Entrance. Your tour will begin shortly after check-in.

  • Will I receive information about my tour before I arrive?


    You'll receive an email confirmation which will include the building and room number for the start of your tour along with a link for directions.

  • What should I bring with me to a campus visit?


    You should bring something to take notes and a list of questions you may have. If you’re sure you meet admission requirements and are ready to apply, bring official sealed transcripts. An application fee will apply.

  • What should I wear?


    Dress casually for your visit to campus. Comfortable shoes for the tour are a must.

  • Where do I park?


    You will park at the P1 West lot or the P1 East lot.

  • How long is the campus tour?


    The campus tour is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If you are scheduled for the group admissions presentation (school groups) and tour, the visit will take an hour.

  • What will I see on the tour?


    The campus tour features many areas including our recreation and fitness center, Center for Performing Arts and Student Life department.

  • How can I bring a group to campus for a tour?


    If you want to bring a group to campus, please complete our large group request form. You can also contact Noreen Heidelberg nheidelberg@govst.edu  Group visit requests require at least two weeks notice.

  • If I have a disability or injury which prevents me from walking, can I still schedule a tour?


    Absolutely. We ask that when scheduling your appointment to visit campus, you let us know if you need special accommodations.