How this team of students became involved in creating a GSU web presence for The Honors Program.

    Group Pix LArge JPEG Pictured Left to Right: Latonia Ames, Desmond Warren, Marlene Lees, Sandi Gustafson

During HONS 4900 class in the spring of 2014, we were discussing with enthusiasm and anticipation the arrival of the first freshman at GSU as we had been university third and fourth years only. As we were being presented the format of the Honors Program for the incoming freshman, I realized, sadly, there was nothing on the GSU website about The Honors Program. As the class later offered its assignment options, I asked Dr. David Rhea if GSU would be interested in me undertaking, as an Honors Project, a presence on the GSU web for The Honors Program. I felt that new and prospective students should be aware of the existence of the Honors Program we were all proud of. I had the experience to manage the project and was excited about making something this worthwhile happen. This idea was met with a great deal of enthusiasm by Doctor Rhea and as he reported the GSU administration is thrilled that the honors students saw the need and took the initiative to undertake the project. It proves a collaborative on what can happen as we are happy to say “big ideas live here”. It became a team project. As I held my breath in class wondering if any of the honors students would be interested in coming on board to make this a team effort, I was thrilled when three of my classmates immediately jumped in!          

Initially, Dr. Rhea did a lot of administrative checking, but in a short time, we were in the planning stage. As team leader, it was important to me to insure that each team member had the freedom to decide on and select the content of their individual choices in designing page options they found would be a benefit   to the site. With this, the team as a whole developed the proposal and started work with an abundance of gusto. As the work was coming together, we were trained on accessing the GSU web and uploading the fruits of our labor. This became a project that we worked on with a great deal of pride as we all understood it was becoming a lasting legacy. -Marlene Lees 

Meet the team:

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Marlene Lees, team leader, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. As I look forward to attaining my undergrad degree this year, I could not be more proud of or enthusiastic about my choice of major in Interdisciplinary Studies and the tangible value in everyday life it has provided.  As I reflect on the choices I made in my studies, I credit these choices as the reason I not only recognized the need for this web project, but also knew I had the experience to make it happen. I believe the secret to success in your studies is to evaluate what it is that you really enjoy doing, want to use in your everyday life, and what you can learn through coursework to gain those skills you know you will apply.  I am grateful for my team members as they too recognized their interest, enthusiasm and special talents that made this project a success. It is these assorted areas of interest that come together as a unique set of skills we are able to use and apply to projects that I applaud. It is all about your education and its application along with dedicating your time and talent to what you truly love that affords a lens to your success as it just happens.                

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Desmond Warren, majoring Clinical Psychology. I was intrigued with the idea of the project itself. Joining this effort fit and exceeded my expectations of a worthy project and I was excited to become a part of it.  I like projects that are structured so that I am able to provide valuable input and to know that I have an impact in its outcome. We became leaders in our own right in putting the vision together. Throughout this project, I've learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. I enjoy a good challenge and I always strive for excellence and perfection. I was able to push myself and in the process I have become a better leader. I believe that students should always challenge themselves, because this provides room for growth and enhancement of skills. This fit the core focus of the Honors Program as a whole. It was nice to have been a part of this process and I have enjoyed every moment of seeing it unfold before my very eyes. I am excited to be a part of the Honors Program and I believe that future Honor students will enjoy and appreciate all of the hard work that my team members and I have put into this project. We are leaving a legacy to future honors students.

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Latonia Ames, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. My impression of the project was that it was a very good idea as it was  needed now as well as for future students. It would have a definite impact on the honors program concept was evolving even as we learned about it for the incoming freshman and future students. This would be something that was interesting and helpful to future students. since I enjoy interviewing other people and reporting on my findings, I wanted to dedicate a page to Ty Jiles, an honors program professor, as I knew her perspective would offer insights to those interested in the program. I also felt reporting on other projects the honors students were doing would provide significant insights to the program. We are helping to set a legacy for the future and as we look to the forward direction of the honors program with anticipation.  I am excited to be part of such a great endeavor.

 Sandi G(2)

Sandi Gustafson, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Sandi felt the web project would evolve with very practical and beneficial impact. She felt the project fits perfectly in a very definite avenue of enhancing the honors program by providing the much needed marketing presence on the GSU web while most high school students are investigating potential schools. She also felt it was also a great opportunity to give back something of value. With her expertise, she was already passionate about how to learn and grow more in a field. What better than to create a GSU web page. She commends Marlene for coming up with the idea and taking on the project. Sandi is really excited to see where it will go in the future as we start incorporating upper classmen.