Current and Past Members of the Alumni Board: (L-R, Front to Back) Linda Veal, Joseph Iniguez, Cecelia Palmer, Patricia Martin, Brenda Woods, Barbara Donaldson, Sheree Sanderson, Saundra Brunson, Tammy Winn, Lois Blume, Zerex Veal, Joseph Schulte, Michael Brown, David Sevier, George Hogan

The Board  for our alumni organization is made up of people just like you - GSU Alums. Join us and help us continue the growth of our programming and outreach. For more information contact

2016 Alumni Council 
President, Eugene Egizio (COB '74)

Jamelia Hand (COE '02; CHHS '04)
George Hogan (COB '80)
Joseph Iniguez (CAS '02; '12)
Shaquita Jarrett (CAS '08)
Patricia Martin (CHHS '84,'89, ’10)
William McClinton (COB '06)
Jermaine Paul (CHHS '08)
Asmeen Radee (COB '12)
Linda Veal (COE '99)
Zerex Veal (COB '93, '09)   

Call 708.534.7892 for information on how you can become a board member.