Charlé Williams - Bio

I am currently a junior majoring in Social Work and minoring in Gender and Sexuality. I am an active SWSO member. I am also a certified BASUAH (Brothers and Sisters United Against HIV/AIDS) Ambassador which gives me the opportunity to conduct outreach programs for youth where I promote and reinforce safe behavior by providing health education information to people who are at high risk for HIV infection. I recently got back into golfing and try to go to the driving range a few times a week. I try to stay healthy by staying active every day and making smart food choices. If I do choose to indulge in a cheat day, chocolate is my go to treat. I love to stay informed about the latest scientific discoveries by reading scientific peer reviewed journals, especially if they are in reference to homeopathic treatments. I am a very social person. I love to be surrounded by people who are dreamers and are driven to be successful. I love to watch young adults grow and mature into professionals. My hope for my residents is that they will develop an appreciation for their personal journey away from home.