John W. Cook, PhD, Adjunct Instructor

  JEDUC10-102020 Adjunct Faculty
  708-534-8049 ext. 8049
  Office Hours: Contact Dr. Cook for an appointment.
  College: COE
  Division of Education

This represents my 16th year at GSU, which began 3 years after graduating with my Masters in Educational Administration.  Beginning as an adjunct in 1998, it was to my advantage to have experienced positive feedback from my professors in the Educational Administration Program.  It was my desire to one day walk in the shoes of those professors I admired.  The opportunity to provide students with the level of instruction and support necessary to achieve has always been my priority. 

It is a rewarding feeling to contribute to the positive disposition and academic growth of the many students who decided on a career in school leadership.

My road to the present position of Interim Chair – Division of Education has not followed what one might consider a typical career path. In 1979, my role as a public school social worker began followed in 1995 as a public school assistant principal. My determination to obtain my doctorate degree began in 2005 at Loyola University and successfully ended in 2010.  While teaching as an adjunct, working full-time as an assistant principal and taking courses concurrently at Loyola, my time for other activities was limited.  With the support of many and the endurance to carry-forth, I applied and was accepted for the position of tenure-track faculty in 2008.  In February 2014, my tenure-track portfolio was submitted and reviewed and I was awarded tenure.  During the month of May, Dr. Bordelon and Dr. D’Arcy asked me to take the reins of the Interim Chair – Division of Education. The journey to this present position could not have been foretold.

My community service has been primarily to my place of worship, All Nations Community Church located in Homewood, Illinois.  Being on the Scholarship Committee and being a mentor for the young people is close to my heart.  Providing guidance to the youth helps the next generation to navigate life’s challenges and pitfalls.  It also helps me to improve if I model what is expected.  Encouraging young people to invest in themselves by pursuing life-long learning provides direct and indirect benefits. It is my practice to embrace and advocate for continuous learning for everyone. My service to GSU includes: Research Grant Committee, University Curriculum Committee and several faculty search committees.  Whether the committee is school-based or community-based, it is important for me to be able to serve the needs of others.