Dr. Lynette Danley

  Office Location: G213
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  College: COE
  Division of Education


What I value most about teaching at GSU is that no one is the sole stakeholder of knowledge.  Here, we are encouraged to view teaching and learning as a reciprocal process that is mutually beneficial for students and faculty. I love that no experience is wasted because every life encounter is a teachable moment. Whether I am facilitating scholarly exchange in a graduate class or incorporating social media to better connect with undergraduate students, I am reminded of the multiple truths in the world and how there is validity in every narrative. The diversity within diversity that exists at GSU is unmatched. And, having the presence and perspectives of students from varied backgrounds and experiences in my classes is proof that Trans4mation at GSU is real.   

I am a practitioner-scholar with extensive training in higher education administration, educational leadership and policy studies. I combine my educational training with over 15 years of practical experience in middle and high schools, community centers, teachers’ training initiatives, and both two- and four-year institutions in an effort to prevent the human capital erosion (e.g., school-to-prison pipelines for inner city youth that prevent them from advancing from elementary through postsecondary education) that occurs for racial and ethnic minority students in the P-20 educational pipeline. My administrative experiences include program and curriculum coordinator, grants manager, curriculum scheduler, and I have had direct oversight for both professional and clerical staff. These experiences have also required me to develop collaborative working relationships with students and families, community organizations and social service agencies, lobbyists and legislators at local, state, and federal levels. I am a qualitative researcher invested in using reflective action research to identify and address real-life issues in postsecondary institutions and the urban communities in which they often reside. My scholarly interests include the examination of graduate education, student socialization and development, educational policy reform, mentoring, and transformative leadership. I pride myself on fostering college and community partnerships that lead to social and economic justice for persons from diverse backgrounds in schools and society.  Currently, I serve as the Academic Program Coordinator for Governors State University Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctorate Program where I am also a tenure-track assistant professor in Higher Education Administration.                                                            

Ella Baker, one of the late and forever great educator-activist once proclaimed, “…we who believe in freedom cannot rest…” and I wholeheartedly share her philosophy.  My service is also neatly woven into my own belief that, “through service, we are able to live the literature that speaks to equity, access and justice for all people.” Through my participation in civic engagement activities with our First-Year Students at GSU, I am relearning the need for empathy and compassion (e.g., providing food and supplies for Veterans). At the graduate level, I am guiding students through action research proposals to help offer solutions to real-life issues in schools and society (i.e., illiteracy, racial profiling, bullyism, hunger, etc.). I work with colleagues at GSU and other postsecondary institutions that are equally committed to social justice and “writing the wrongs” through their research, teaching and service. I give back in many ways because I know what it is like to be on the other side of difference. It is an honor to work at an institution where service is encouraged and rewarded.   


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