Mary Ann Fischer, University Lecturer

  Office Hours: 3:00-4:00 M,T, TH

I really like teaching at GSU for many reasons. Mostly, I enjoy the diversity among the students and faculty, since this enables everyone endless opportunities of learning and expanding our horizons.
Teaching teachers about Bilingual/ESL Education excites me the most about my field. They bring massive amounts of experience to the classroom, which when shared by others, has an everlasting impact
on their teaching careers.

The most rewarding aspect of academic work is facilitating the lectures and discussions in class and watching their growth and progress throughout the semester. I have been teaching for GSU since 1995 as an adjunct at Sawyer School in Chicago, Illinois. I am a teacher at Sawyer School during the day. Sawyer School has the largest Bilingual Program in Illinois. I have been the Bilingual Coordinator as well as an ESL Teacher for all grade levels and all English proficiency levels. I have been a University Lecturer for GSU for seven years. I have worked at neighboring schools for Masters Degree Programs as well as Endorsement Programs. More recently I have worked at Sawyer School, for Masters Programs as well as Endorsement Programs as well. I recruit teachers from around the city as well as nearby suburbs.

A real highlight of my career was this past Summer. I had the privilege of teaching English to the Turkish Professor Institute on campus. I believe we made lifelong friends. One of the professors stayed in the USA until last week and one of the other instructors and myself were able to meet for dinner before his departure.

My most valuable community service has been to reach out to other CPS Schools to make teachers aware of our programs. I advertise before each semester by sending flyers to principals and an explanation of our programs.