Tammara R Winn

  Office Location: E2540
  Office Hours:


Office Hours:  Tuesday, 11am - 12:15 pm, Wednesday, 3pm - 4:15 pm


  College: CAS
  Interdisciplinary Studies - Bachelor of Arts


I am a faculty instructor in the College of Arts and Science, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies as well as Communications and Training Department.   

As an Instructor at GSU I have the opportunity to consistently discover new strategies to utilize my educational background.  What excites me about my teaching position is the continuous acquisition of scholarly knowledge that I can incorporate into my teaching methods or pedagogy.  My intention is to advance the knowledge to the students and guide them in critical thinking and becoming solution focused agents of change.  By continuously challenging myself I receive the academic rewards and introspective satisfaction.   

I have a strong background as well as experience in the field of addictions and criminal justice.  For the advancement of criminal justice policies my focus and specialization revolves around community policing.  My research examines correlates of crime during criminalization in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.  The highlight of my research is the revelation of a lack of scientific inquiry in studies on community policing where quantitative studies are eclipsed by qualitative methods of inquiry.   

I anticipate my research will compliment my education in Psychology, Sociology, and Communication.  My undergraduate studies at Purdue University created the foundation for my career in community service.  The highlight of my academic career was the appointment to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) by President, Dr. Dennis Holtschneider; De Paul University.  By reviewing proposed studies of the highest caliber, I am afforded the opportunity to know the direction of present and future research.        

My position at GSU unite me with the community in such a way that I can demonstrate to students' how their education transcends the boundaries of the University.  I have cultivated a working relationship with mayors, community managers, and organizational directors in some of the surrounding communities.  Community leaders excite in knowing GSU students are willing to volunteer and collaborate on significant projects.  The most valuable community service I performed was when I accompanied two of the student clubs to the Pacific Garden Mission.  I and the students assisted in food preparation and the feeding for the homeless men, women and children.  Experiencing how the students were affected will remain a significant point in my career.  To see students examine their views against the perspectives and gratitude of the homeless gave them a new sense of purpose and outlook.  The experience instilled in me and the students a new level of humanity for others. 

I am a strong advocate for sexual assault victims, the LGBT community, and homeless children and I often contribute my time in the pursuit of addressing the issues and examining solutions.   My education in communication is a gift when I am motivating others towards overcoming barriers and mitigating emotional baggage.