Andrew Head - Bio

Hello! My name is Andrew Zachariah Head and I'm currently a roaring senior at Governors State University with a major in Mindfulness Psychology. I plan on going to graduate school and mainly using my degree to help me travel around the world to speak to others about the power of their thought! I'm the type of guy that loves to created and express myself through art. Dancing, singing, rapping, speaking, painting, you name it! I also love to go on nature walks and enjoy the fullness that nature has to offer. It has always been easy for me to find refuge just by looking at the clouds. Working and also being a student at GSU has been a transformative process for me. GSU has afforded me the opportunity to become a more effective, responsible, and diligent individual. I became a Resident Assistant because I truly want to help those who are transitioning into the interesting lifestyle of being a resident on a college campus. I believe college can be rough at times but with help right by your side, college will become a breeze. :)