Here, you connect college students to their futures.

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While some college students are working toward a specific career goal, many are pursuing academic degrees that can be applied in a variety of settings. As a career counselor, you will look not only at students’ current aspirations but also at potential career developments across his or her lifetime. Governors State’s Post-BA Certificate in College Career Counseling prepares you to help college students and alumni achieve exceptional careers across all academic disciplines.

Reach your career goals.

As a prospective or experienced higher education or counseling professional, you can advance your career while making a difference in the lives of college students. Connect current and graduating students as well as alumni to careers that help fulfill their ambitions.

Why get a Certificate in College Career Counseling?

Data collected in 2017 reflected the national median salary for School and Career Counselors to be $54,560 with an average range of $41,650 – $70,930 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Chicago’s median salary for School and Career Counselors is $60,050.

 Delivery Format

Governors State’s 10-credit hour College Career Counseling certificate is offered fully on-campus.