Photographs are a key element of almost any marketing strategy. In fact, research has shown people respond better to messages that include visual images than to those that are text only. When planning your marketing strategy, the images should first and foremost strive to reflect the real GSU community — with actual GSU students, faculty members, and facilities — whenever possible.

Staff and Faculty Photos
The Office of Marketing & Communications strives to help our students (and employees) become more familiar with the GSU community. Staff and faculty photos will be used on GSU’s website, allowing students and employees to put faces to names much easier. These photos also may be used for other marketing publications.

In addition, faculty member photos will be used to accentuate faculty profile pages and introduce current and prospective students, media experts, and the community to Governors State University experts.

GSU staff and faculty photos are taken twice monthly in room E1522 from noon to 1 p.m. For the current semester's photo schedule, please click here.

Professional Photographic Services
Limited photography services are offered by the Office of Marketing & Communications; our staff primarily covers major university events, campus scenes, classrooms and students, and staff and faculty members. If you have a high profile event requiring coverage, please complete the Request for Photography Services form here and a Marketing & Communications team member will reply to discuss options. If we are unable to provide a photographer for your event, we will be happy to recommend professional photographers for you.

Photo Library Images
Occasionally, after discussing the scope and goals of your marketing collateral with you, we conclude that photo library images, or “stock” images, may be a viable option. Our designers have access to photo library services and will be able to provide the most appropriate images for your brochures, flyers, and online collateral.

Taking Your Own Photos

When taking your own photos for publication for use by a university entity (e.g. department, program, college), all subjects in photos must sign a GSU photo release form permitting the university to use their image. Signed forms must be turned into the Office of Marketing & Communications, along with the date and a description of the event/reason the images were taken.

Photo Release Forms

  • The standard photo release form is available here; it also can be found under public affairs in the myGSU portal.
  • Parent/guardian signature is required for children under the age of 18: the photo release form for minors is available here.
  • Photo release forms for individuals involved in a group shot can be downloaded here.

Hard copies of these forms also are available in the Office of Marketing & Communications, C-1310.

Photographers are reminded that photographs of large groups/crowds, where faces can be seen and identified, are not allowed unless photo releases have been obtained for all those included in the photo. 

Photos must be high resolution for print materials (preferably 300 dpi, although large files at less resolution may be acceptable). For online postings such as the GSU View or website, 72 dpi is required. In either case, the image should be sized according to its intended use.

Internet Images
The university does not have permission to use images obtained off the internet, even if they are housed on a public site. Moreover, images pulled from the internet generally are low resolution and unusable in print materials.

 However, there are exceptions to this guideline. If you have express permission to download and use an image from a particular website, you may. Please contact us if you have any questions about the efficacy of a downloaded image.