Turning your promotional needs into effective and persuasive GSU brand representative messaging materials is the job of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The first step is to determine what type of product(s) you require. Click on the following options that apply and follow the prompts to request creation of specific materials from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

  • Graphic Design Services


    To request graphic design services from our Graphics Department, please email your request with the following information to officeofcommunications@govst.edu. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request.

    • The first step is to determine what kind of product you need created. Please review the list of examples below. Be specific on the type and size of the graphics design product you require to best fulfill your needs.

    Product options – Be specific:

    • Advertisement (provide publication name, dimensions, specification, and content)
    • Banners and signs (provide dimensions and specifications in description)
    • Banner Tabletop and standing retractable (provide dimensions, specifications, and content)
    • Bookmark (provide dimensions, specifications, and content)
    • Brochure (specify one fold, bi-fold, tri-fold - provide content and high res images)
    • Business Cards Custom (provide all information) 
    • Envelope (Please specify size and type. Provide return address if applicable.)
    • Flyer 8.5 x 11 (provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Forms – specify printable and/or writable pdf
    • Handbook (provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Imprint on merchandise (specify size of imprint area, content of imprint, file type required by vendor)
    • Invitation/notecard and envelope (A6); Response card and envelope (A2) (specify)
    • Letterhead (provide information to be included)
    • Newsletter
    • Poster (11 x 17 - provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Poster on foam core (22 x 34, 24 x 36 - provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Post card (specify size, specify if it will be mailed or used just for promotion; provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Program (provide final, approved text in Word doc. and all high-resolution images to be used)
    • Other (provide specific details and content of the design product you are requesting)
    • Provide your name, email address, and phone number.
    • Provide all content. Please note - Copy editing services are not provided. Provide the FINAL, approved copy/content you wish to have presented in the designed product in a Word doc. Do not send a designed product. All text must be in an unformatted Word Doc. If specific images or logos are to be used, provide high resolution files.

    Please be sure that the content is reviewed and approved where necessary before it is submitted for graphic design.

    • Provide your requested due date. Please Note - Graphic design services require a minimum of two weeks.

    The designed product will be sent to you for editing and review. Please be sure to have all personnel required for approval review the product at this time. Submit all of the requested edits to the graphic designer in one communication.

    Once the final version is approved, the file will be sent to the print shop or to a vendor you specify. You are responsible for the Print Shop order form or creating the purchase requisition.

  • Website


    Governors State University's website is a key resource for sharing information about campus programs, events, and news. As you think through your promotion strategy, start by determining the best location to share your information on the GSU website, who in your department will be your content author and who will be your content manager. Whether it belongs on a college's home page, under a program's course offerings, in an online newsletter, or on the campus calendar, there is an appropriate location on the university's website for your event to live. Click here to start your webpage request.

  • Videography


    Digital Learning and Media Design (DLMD), upon approval from the Marketing Department, can provide consultative support with production development, but a producer must be assigned from your department to manage the process.

    Digital Learning and Media Design provides high-quality video for use in promoting many parts of the University including: colleges, campus programs, events, etc.

    In addition to TV/web commercials, DLMD can produce interviews, informational videos, and live event broadcast/recordings.

    Availability of the service is limited and subject to the nature of the request, the target audience, size and project workload leading up to the request deadline. To request video services, contact Joshua Young at jyoung4@govst.edu.  For more information about Digital Learning and Media Design visit http://www.govst.edu/dlmd/.

    If you desire video support and the Division of Digital Learning and Media Design is not available, we have a list of university-approved videographers you can work with.

  • Photography Services


    The Office of Marketing and Communications has photographers available on a limited basis to cover university events. Please note – Event sponsors are required to obtain signed photo release forms (link to download) from event participants.

    Please email Rahsaan Taylor at rtaylor9@govst.edu to request the services of a photographer.

    In your email, please provide:

    • Name and description of the event. Include date, time and location.
    • Length of time a photographer is requested
    • Shot list of required photos
    • Requestor's name and contact information

    You will receive notification if a photographer is available.

    After the event, you will be notified when the images are available for review and download on Flickr.

    For more information on photography, go to http://www.govst.edu/photo-services/

  • Social Media


    To view current university affiliated social media sites, go to http://www.govst.edu/gsu-social-network.

    To establish a new social media account, contact Tony De Castro at adecastro@govst.edu.

    To request promotion of your news or event on official university social media outlets, contact Keisha Dyson at kdyson@govst.edu.

  • Advertising Assistance


    The Office of Communications can help you determine which off campus media outlets offer the optimal return on your advertising investment.

    For assistance in placing ads in off campus media outlets such as radio, print media, digital, and Facebook, contact Keisha Dyson at kdyson@govst.edu.