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Welcome to "Why Not"?

Why Not

Have you ever asked yourself “Why Not?”

GSU is the home to innovation and fresh thinking:  Big Ideas Live Here.  So when an idea for doing something better on our campus comes along, this is the place to share your Big Idea.

Who can contribute Big Ideas to Why Not?

Any member of the GSU community is enthusiastically encouraged to chime in –   students, faculty or staff. 

What kind of Big Ideas?

You can send your ideas for improving processes, the services that support the university or our environment.  Have an idea to make us more efficient and cut out duplication of effort?  Send it.  What about an insight into saving time, money or materials?  We want to hear it.  Just about any idea that can make GSU a better place is what we want to hear.

Ask a "Why Not"?

Rules of the Road

There is no limit on the number of Why Not Big Ideas you can submit.  But it's important to make sure each is focused on making positive changes.  This site isn’t intended to serve as a complaint line.

All submissions must adhere to GSU Policy on Civility that says, in part: 
"The faculty, staff, and students of Governors State University, as members of the University community, can expect to be treated with respect and consideration and are expected to treat others in a similar manner."

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Your Big Idea could be a Big Winner

Every month we’ll recognize the best idea submitted to Why Not in the past 30 days. At the end of the year the annual winning Why Not Big Idea will be chosen from the monthly winners. The Annual Why Not Winner will receive a prize reward and a catered lunch with President Maimon to celebrate your contribution to GSU.

All constructive suggestions will be reviewed by the "Why Not?" administrator, who will confer with representatives from various campus departments to formulate an official response. All suggestions and responses will be posted on the "Why Not?" website.

Who chooses the winners?

The winning Why Not Big Idea will be chosen by the Selection Team appointed by the Provost.

We’ll Share Some of the Why Not Big Ideas

Each submission will be acknowledged within one week by the Selection Team. Then each week one of the contenders for that month’s winning Why Not Big Idea will be posted on this site. There will be space for others to comment on your idea or to build on it.

Each submission will also be passed along to the department to which it applies. You’ll also receive a response from that department.

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why…I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"
Robert Francis Kennedy, 1968 presidential campaign (George Bernard Shaw, 1921) .

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