"Literature is the thought of thinking souls." Thomas Carlyle, (1795-1881) 

Real World Preparation

A degree in English helps you develop the ability to think clearly and critically, to analyze and interpret data and to communicate results. Such skills are in great demand by employers and career opportunities are abundant for graduates with an English degree.

At Governors State University, the Bachelor of Arts in English offers you a strong academic background in English studies, the creative analysis of literature and extended practice in writing. Within the undergraduate English degree, you may pursue coursework in literature, language, composition, technical writing or related studies in the humanities.

GSU's English program goes beyond a traditional study of classic literature. You also have the opportunity to study other cultures and societies through readings in African American, Native American, Latin, Asian and women's literature. You will learn critical theory and discover analytical techniques that can be applied to any field in any profession. A broad and comprehensive curriculum helps you better understand the world, and learn how to inform and persuade others through written and verbal communication.

Program Fact Sheet

Required Preparation

Applicants must meet the university admissions requirements. For a listing of recommended course work, please see GSU transfer guides.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a bachelor's degree.

I.  General Education Requirement (37-41 Hours)

See front of catalog for general education requirements.

II.  Required Courses (36 Hours)

The following courses can be taken at either the lower-division or upper-division level:

American Literature I and II (6)

English Literature I and II (6)

The following courses must be taken at the upper-division level:

ENGL 4100 Advanced Composition (3)

ENGL 4110 Linguistics (3) or ENGL 4205 Modern English Grammar (3)

ENGL 4200 Literary Criticism (3)

ENGL 4505 Major English Authors (3)

ENGL 4515 Major Black Authors (3)

ENGL 4510 Major American Authors (3)

ENGL 4520 Contemporary Literature (3)

ENGL 4550 Shakespeare's Plays (3)

III.  Selectives (9 Hours)

Must be taken at the upper-division level:

Take three 4000-level literature courses.

IV.  Electives (38 Hours)

V.  Total - 120 Hours

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the university requirements for a baccalaureate degree found in the GSU catalog. Please meet with your faculty or academic advisor after admission to complete your study plan.

Advisor Information

Bradley Smith
Assistant Professor
Lisa (Hendrickson) Helm
Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support Services